Tell me…How does it feel…




Do you feel any different?

Last night on Anderson Cooper they showed a drawing of what Trayvon and Zimmerman would have looked like if they swapped races. I couldn’t find that picture, but I found a similar one from another blog. Would this have made a difference in the verdict?

white-trayvon (1)










Well, I’ll admit when I saw the image I had an immediate reaction. So yes I have my biases, we all do. You would be kidding yourself to say you have no biases whatsoever. The point is if whether one is letting those biases influence your decision making.

And the media’s reaction:








That’s a little extreme…

But I want to hear from you guys; so do you feel any different?

We wish to thank the folks over at “The Reporter and the Girl” who is responsible for the majority of this post. What I really like and admire about this post is that 1. It conveys a message; 2. It is brief, yet contains everything



one needs to put coherent writing together; 3. As for me it is just out right fun  — suggest you go over to the site to see the comments.  A well-deserved hat tip award!

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