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How is the Economy Really doing..?

1549266_679657532092608_795489756_n (600x600) I believe that brilliant minds think alike! Today during my morning browse of news, immigration reform, economy, and of course the final four vying for the most sought after award for a “Gridiron football organization” the Super Bowl, I just happened to run into this sign (upper left) and unbeknownst to me at the time it had been posted there – the place I found it – by a monumental friend I’ve made here at Word Press. George is a fellow writer and politics are his specialty.

I do accommodate that brilliant minds do think alike!

I am so overly tired of having this ugly mug in my home, almost on a daily basis. The President’s formal press conferences are actually little pint sized campaigns and if any one particular person ever looked and saw those who are standing around him – I guess for some kind of cheering squad or definitely one there for moral support.

It has gotten to the point and as I was waiting for the economic bell to recover I knew in the forefront of my mind that this self-righteous basta*d would want to stand up on international television and take credit for it.

It was last week when the jobs report was released on Thursday that revealed only 74,000 people gained employment. Obama Economic Fact: 37% of the adult population do not have jobs and are no longer looking for work. The Obama Economy is a failure.

Let us all face it now – the person is the worst, most non-productive POTUS ever…in the history of the U.S.A.

And a great hat-tip to my friend George!  tophat_2

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