These Actions Should not be the Cause of Humility, Embarrassment


A bra is in order…nothing sexy about those love handles

For the most part I believe that Sean Hannity means well, mind you, I also feel as though he can be a bit impetuous at certain times. Of course lately with a trying-to-be-a-reverse on Mr. Putin, President Obama who is lame when it comes to foreign policy, I believe that Barack Obama is simply waiting for Putin to step-in-it which is about to happen.

I believe that all of this occupation of Crimea the sending of the troops to both the Ukraine and outlying territories is far more a threat that an action delivered on. The brutal notion for me is that I believe that Obama and the Ukraine and Crimea are going to win what it is they want.

According to Hannity, “So we got a community organizer against the former KGB leader who is getting his butt kicked and embarrassed and humiliated on the world stage,” Hannity said. “The Russian media keeps showing a picture of [Obama] in Martha’s Vineyard, riding his little bicycle with his little helmet on. It’s so humiliating.”

Dear Sean Hannity:

Humiliation very much like embarrassment are subjective thoughts or feelings that one may generate; however, it is important to point out that not one person is capable of embarrassing you. And ditto for humiliation – I feel that these two behaviors cannot be forced on anyone by another source. It packs the scenario of only one can embarrass and or humiliate themselves by actions caused which results in the behaviors.

Furthermore, why are you using my airwaves to launch you childish rubbish. When various actions appear on the world stage, it is quite obvious that you will use your recently gained power to rub the rubbish everywhere.

Let us look at what you have written, or who has quoted you on the Fox News Insider. Starting from the third paragraph let’s come to what is so hard for the members of Congress to do…talk to each other and hopefullyObamaPutin_0 come to a compromise. Right then…we do have a community organizer-Junior Senator cum President going up against a real bully type in former KGB leader and whomever is getting their butts kicked will be decided in the middle to late rounds in this match.

You again state, “The Russian media keeps showing a picture of [Obama] in Martha’s Vineyard, riding his little bicycle with his little helmet on. It’s so humiliating.” Okay let us peruse these images. What Obama is doing is setting a great example because in most states helmets are required as is a license. Take a look at the statistical data where the per annum death toll arranged by those riders who do not wear helmets is roughly, 10,000. (Source citation here.)

Still with me? Great! So let us put this entire ridiculous mouth espousal to rest and assign blame on  photojournalists. How would you feel if you were out intentionally on a summer day flabby and bear chested?

The only bit of Russian laughter that I receive is when I see the same person in a wrestling togs whipping some tiny adolescent boy.


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