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Obama, worst thing since Slavery

Obama, worst thing since Slavery

Conservative favorite Dr. Ben Carson fired up the hosts of “The View” with some comments on welfare. Dr. Carson said on the show, “When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors.”

In this quote from Dr. Carson, I attend to the notion that he is absolutely correct in his assessment. I base my innermost feelings on empirical evidence where too many people receiving welfare or other infirmity entitlements simply do not like falling into any stereotypes that have already spared like a wild fire.

Despite being interrupted, he went on to say that it’s more empowering when we use intellect and resources to give people a way up and a way out.

This also is the number one reform issue that those subject to hand outs by the federal government (taxpayers) will take the time to explain their reasoning. The feeling of honor and integrity of “working out of the jam…” assists better than any entitlement ever will.

Whoopi Goldberg responded, “As a former welfare mother, very few people want to be on welfare. Very few want to walk with their kids and take food stamps. Most people would rather work. Now I don’t feel bad about being a welfare mother because I contribute as an American.”

Clearly a ‘feel good’ about myself ideology maybe even page one of one of Osama’s books. However the system was used and properly at that. I would like to ask her what special accommodations she makes and/or does contributing as an American.

She said the system needs to be fixed so that welfare recipients are allowed to earn an income without losing food stamps.

This by far shows Goldberg’s feeling on entitlements — and for the most part I agree with her about finding some earning potential as a reward to self. Actually President Clinton did an amazing job with this reform effort; his administration was able to decrease welfare spending to between 50 to 64 percent before Barack Obama was elected and managed to change all of everyone’s hard work.

Dr. Carson, a Fox News contributor, joined The Kelly File last night with reaction from that interview. He doubled down on his comments that some people on welfare want government assistance, calling it “inter-generational.”

“After the great progress that we made after the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement, I think perhaps the worst thing that happened is a lot of, some well-meaning and some not so well-meaning folks came along and started patronizing these individuals, and saying, ‘you can’t really do anything and we’ll take care of you.’”

No doubt about it! All of us have spoken with friends on the dole and have heard of the tactics used when advocacy groups of another side look to ‘want to assist’ those lesser-fortunate people of our society.

In some cases, he said it was to assuage guilt and in other cases they generally felt that minorities couldn’t help themselves.

Thank you indeed Dr. Carson for saying to a national audience what so many of us have felt for decades. Moreover, I want to contribute to your point by just simply using data from polls and B. Obama. I believe that Barack Obama has a hidden agenda with the wellbeing of our great nation, the U.S.A.

Without placing specific blame, Dr. Carson said he believes that some aspects of the economy are purposely not being remedied because then there would be no need for certain social programs.



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