Better Blogging and Goals for 2016

Better Blogging and Goals for 2016

compass and waterI received an email from this evening showing me this feature — “Better Blogging and Goals for 2016” mind you this was not an email I requested, it served more as a public service announcement or advertising. Quite openly I was just a bit offended that I didn’t receive the email much sooner so as to include my own resolutions in written form.

Nonetheless I have decided to go forth and do my own edition of this resolution. First I believe in practice — if I have to think about writing then this should be an easy process; one that will assist me in achieving my goals.

Therefore, stating my goals are as follows. I need to either do specific research or request assistance from whomever will read my goals for advices that will increase my readership. I have been with WordPress going into my eighth year now. My statistics page is about as accurate as asking Barack Obama to tell the truth.

The only time in the past year that I stepped out on my own to pursue gaining readers was through an ad that I received in an email. I believe that the company’s name is “Co promote” and as much as I would relish in the notion of explaining what it is that they actually do — I am so sorry but I just cannot, inasmuch as I do not know what they did.

However, what I did notice is that I gained approximately 400 new followers in less than two months! I should mention that I have active links with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google that I realize are from those sources. Consequently my first goal is to attract more readers.

Lately I have been on a roll so to speak with my writing content, context, word usage, and overall good writing. This is a direct result of lowering my own standards about what to write and just writing what I am feeling during that given period.

The primary site that I operate under is called The Contemplative Thinker. Anyone who pleases can drop on by and read “About the Author” or before I forget, one could do the same here at American Age.

At this point in my writing career I would exult in the idea of writing another book. Lately my writing has been putting together the ideals of America’s future predicated upon what has, or has not happened in the past.

Furthermore, I believe that the psyche of typical Americans shows up daily within the anger and frustration that we experience at the behest of our current leadership.

I do think that the research is available to support why apathy and changes within American values is causing much of societies discontent.

I also believe that America’s “follow the rules and laws” if you must attitude is causing devastation within American communities. America changes constantly and unfortunately I feel it is not for the better.

Accordingly I would love to write my new book using the actions of the elite class, the leadership in Washington D.C., the actions of lowering the standards of acceptable behavior and using real life people to stand and hold as my examples. What do you think?

Those are my primary goals for 2016, thank you.


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