Academy Awards – Oscar – Diversity and Boycott…Boo! Boo!

oscar_lI have just got to share this one with you. As I wrote earlier at The Contemplative Thinker about awards ceremonies, and quite openly, about the industry that seems to feel the need to exult themselves even more, lack of diversity, simply is not the reason to justify getting more nominations, thus awards for whomever these people want shows the absolute reckless disregard for issues that have real merit.

Just for the sake of it, these following awards ceremonies belong to one industry. First and foremost who – or what other profession honors themselves to the grandiose methods as the thespian guild of America? Academy Awards, USA or Golden Globes, USA, or maybe it’s Primetime Emmy Awards, well there is always the BAFTA Awards (England’s obsession) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, , American Film Institute USA, then let’s continue Behind the Voice Actors Awards, then each of the various cities internationally wants to award these folks with something, such as the Boston, Los Angeles, Venice, Denver, Dallas, Berlin, Australian Society of Film Critics Awards, and now for an industry that feels the need for ceremonial rubbish man, they get them started at a young age such as Teen Choice Awards, Breakout Star Award, and even Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association. That is a incomplete list of what the award season actually looks like. More and more it seems like if someone or something has a cause, let’s invade anyone of these platforms.

What I am actually trying to say is (1) Boycotting is not the way, (2) It never ceases tohollywood sign amaze me how much someone or some “group” of people keep on and on, and on for what? Diversity defined is 1- variety: a variety of something such as opinions, color, or style. Social inclusiveness 2- meaning ethnic variety as well as socioeconomic and gender variety, in a group, society, or institution; and 3- discrepancy: discrepancy, or a difference from what is normal or expected.

Looking at the three variations of the word diversity it is not overwhelming for one to make a complete and relentless argument considering assortment, multiplicity, range, miscellany, and mixture as the English Thesaurus points too. When one uses the excuse of diversity it reminds me of how stupid Congress and the State Department are in reality.

5406_Hollywood_Films_Gift_Set_onePlease be advised that this lot of people has authorized a “Diversity [Visa] Lottery” where as it stands now 80 to 100,000 visas are given out at random within countries that have not been represented well by their U.S. Consulate. Now with refugees, asylum-seekers, and one’s basic flow of illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants, when is enough — Enough?

As for reasonable people what does that particular Diversity Lottery say about the character, behavior, record, or public investment of the recipient? Absolutely nothing! So why the fuss with any semblance of Immigration Reform?

Why would anyone “snub” Sylvester Stallone for anything that is Rocky oriented? Wouldn’t Italian-Americans have some kind of reason to whine? Same holds true with Straight Outta Compton. How about Beasts Of No Nation? Blood Diamond was a classic – but what about Leonardo or Jennifer? Straight Outta Compton is not original and it does lack a stand out command performance actor.


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