This blogs for the writer…

This blogs for the writer…

imagesCAJK81ZEOkay, I am more interested in sort of journalizing but the opportunity to do this on my very own blog allows me to share with some of those who may or may not have the same understandings as I do given the material in question. I will openly admit that I may be taking some of this chaotic writing from another’s site and I will do my absolute best to attribute the contents to those who have written them.

My first number one issue is with those who are caught red-handedly breaking the law and although if it were any of us reading or sitting in the audience, we would be mortgaging the house in legal fees or sitting in some bankruptcy court giving it all away – yet, for most of us, depending on the crimes committed would be counting down the days until we see, feel, and touch our loved ones again.


Apologize? For what…’you’?

I have a real problem with Hillary Rodham Clinton at the moment. This lady shown by the actions she has committed should be sitting in jail or heck, in the penitentiary right now as I type. But NO! The powers that be – and please forgive me if I am wrong – but the “powers that be” are those individuals who have at one time been a director of the FBI, or a Congressional official, or an ex-president for that matter. Yet I am of the feeling that they have talked and said, “Well the old lady is going to die real soon, so let’s go the uncomplicated way out.”

How many different ways can a person say and or mean bull squat? I firmly believe that there is not an adjustment for age. If one does the crime, then one does the time. No, if, and’s, or butts about it.

Just today I was looking up information on life-expectancy. Did you know that a male has a life expectancy of 84.5 years! Whoa! So, if you don’t mind a person who is 80 years old should do the time expected for the crime. No breaks!

sydney-spiesNext number two issue. We certainly hear or see plenty of women alleging that so and so man physically assaulted her with the intent of sexual molestation. The demanding thing for me is that the amount of time since the actual alleged occurrence and the actual time that these “ladies” are coming forward is overwhelming. Well then, maybe it has something to do with what the male has earned himself. Whew! One may not want to become the President of the US or have the money that Mr. Cosby had or has. And please do not write in and tell me that a female wanting to gain celebrity status or to become a star didn’t know what was going on.

Tell me, what reasonably attractive “lady” hangs out, parties, bff-paris-hilton-and-kim-kardashianhas dinner, and assuredly goes to the home of a huge (both – in body size and bank account) Hollywood or New York producer? Absolutely none. When a nice and young soon to be starlet gets asked out by anyone resembling the Weinstein effect, wherein a person files a sexual assault charge because a person has gained prominence, wealth, and notoriety. This misnomer about this “Weinstein Effect” is when it comes to politics. President Trump has been fingered by a real professional filmmaker, producer, sex star, writer, and whatever else comes into the pornography industry.

Yet, back to the Next number two issue is where is a male #MeTooMovement? Speaking simply has any man reading this ever been assaulted by a woman? How about raped? And if so, please explain what happened during your trial.


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