Anyone affiliated with WordPress as a company…

Dear Ut-hum, Sirs, and Madams:


Hello, my name is Paul Schilling ESQ., and like it or not, this letter is not going to serve you well. Please just read it before you put in your hasty and rather ugly comments.

I have been with WordPress for approximately ten years now. Yeah, I remember the days when putting together a blog was as easy as Mom’s apple pie. Even back then, when I enquired a problem, most of the time I could figure it out and run-on quite easily. And oh yes! I can clearly remember the time when all of the “honcho’s” at WordPress were humble, hardworking folks – I’m guessing this was before you made it to the wealthier side of people. Better yet, it was like each one of you still cared about the author who was not the IT.  professional.

Oh well, things have indeed changed for you, eh? WordPress has become to me one of the more frightening episodes that I endeavor each day. Not quite like the old days of blogging whilst working on one’s writing skills, just preparing to produce that best-seller that was well within my grasp. Oh! How times and sites have changed! CLOUD finger-illusions

I have entered the realm of being so scared of trying to produce here that I am about to call it quits. Seriously now gang, nowadays it is waiting and a little more waiting just to see my own domain to appear. No! It is not my cache! I had that cleaned before going out and purchasing a brand-new system. However, it is a number of program changes, downloading my own blog’s C++, and worse still, having a monumental problem without the heads up for a new change in the system. Does one need to be a certified professional these days to put together less than four hundred words anymore?

Maybe not to you, who, I’d love to add, is in the business of providing platforms for the general public to use. Notwithstanding mind you, the two years of paying in advance for the unmitigated non-use of a video program. And hitting me for $99,00 per year to customize this thing? C’mon gang, customize is your wording, not mine. You see I am the type of guy who entertains and tries to make meaning visually and with words.

However, sorting out the code I’d like to use in order to put my own images into widgets has just about driven me to “Maybe you’d like to try…” what for Christ’s sake? I keep getting this message without any directions on how to find the locale of the place to find how to do it. Although, I have had voluminous amounts of time reading, “Preparing your request” in the tiny small boxes at the foot of the page that incidentally covers the WP Admin button that once gained access to between the fight between being covered by some message and wondering where this time WP is going to lead me. 

Just a couple more things and I’ll be done, thank you very much. One, I bought the access code from “” to put in at the very least a map to show who and from where my readers were coming from. Within days, literally, gone was my map. I still do not trust the numbers from WP! Oh, they are still spinning trying to load over at my main site, The Contemplative Two, same with the widget I am unsuccessfully trying to add, called The Way It Should be… on my site, that deals with “Sanctuary Cities.”



Seriously, gang, I am exhausted now trying to work out how to work your once honorable site. I will take a little credit for the likes of several “Captains” in their industry for coming over to WP. Yeah, I have answered the call for you, rather than waiting in and for the unsightliest support aspect site are I could ever hope to partake of…and to think you blokes have the bux.

That will be it for now, or until I make a complete ass out of myself allowing you to know the particulars.



Doctor diagnoses Obama in one sentence…it’s hilarious!

Well our survey to the right is for a reason…and we would consider it an absolute honor if you would participate. So today, we are just going to thank you in advance…Thank you.

As for the crew and me, here at American Age we ask that you simply enjoy what the content to what the doctor is saying. To be sure, it is one sentence; therefore, just as we ALL had too, listen as many times as you like.

I am not sure I have ever heard anything so remotely close to the gospel truth!


Special thanks and hat-tip to Western Journalism!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Is House Speaker Boehner stalling for some reason..?

The following article is predicated upon this link:

There is yet another reason as to why the House Speaker may be stalling. We know that the US Attorney General is the only person who can legitimately prosecute the President. It appears that one one reason of delay could be that in the event that Obama in fact, is not a citizen of the USA.


Predicated upon his mishandling of foreign policy, blaming anyone and everyone known to humankind for his failures in the public policy domain, and almost arrogantly lauding off everything said about his blatantly reckless disrespect and disregard and for the U.S. Constitution, how possible could it be that Barack Obama did knowingly accept or even ordered falsified documentation to support that he is a citizen of the USA? Consider the alternative if in fact, Obama is not a US citizen at all? Consider how collectively with the notion of a potential re-election, Boehner may know or have details that may indeed bury Obama with the assistance of Holder.Now then ask yourselves, what kind of leverage would Holder have in ever seeing to it that the proper justice be served? This is of course if one assumes that Holder himself is trustworthy and honest; moreover, in all instances he is as clean as a whistle.Or what if the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, is playing a similar tune to the House Speaker with the cumulative effect that it just won’t happen without Holder’s input.

Just a thought…like Halle Berry’s character in Swordfish…[just a thought Stanley, just a thought…]

No one can take my God away from me!

October 26-27, 2011

You know there are times when speaking of the Lord is good, healthy, and worthy for the moment. Then again there are those times when we are compelled to speak about or to the Lord with unknown zest in our words and a passion that gives zeal to our words. Don’t you just love to think and recite: The Lord is my life and my salvation: whom shall I fear? (Ps 27:1) Which certainly calls for me to immediately groan in prayer whilst being moved with what shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31)

I love to sing songs, hymns, spiritual songs of love whilst playing my guitar with others of course; however, if it’s just me, whew, I can get to some real wailing. I just love to sing at the top of my lungs, The Lord Reigns, let the earth rejoice! (Ps 99:1). I need to be tolerant and tender with what I say next.

We as Christian people do not need head scarves, beards, or to participate in Hajj in order for us to be aware that we are Christians. What we need to do is remember and to put into practice as much or more than possible — The fruit of the Spirit is love…joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22 to 26).

And finally, if we live by the Spirit let us also walk by the Spirit.

And they continue to get away with it…

In 1916 the renowned educator John Dewey described a democratic society as one in which all of its members are able to share its benefits on equal terms. Although better, nearly one hundred years later many persons of color, limited English speakers, women, persons with disabilities, gays and lesbians, persons of low incomes, and persons affiliated with religions other than Protestantism have still not experienced equality with members of the “Dominant Group.”

We are of the opinion that there was a time in American history where schools and other educational facilities provided an example of an institution in which power relationships have been developed and maintained. However, if anyone was lucky enough to see any news from June 6, 2011 whereby through recorded media, a student had cornered the teacher in a narrow doorway and whilst yelling at the teacher, he then touched her enough to cause a violent and rather brutal ‘beat-back’ from the teacher.

This is one clear – unobstructed vision – example of how various things have changed in America, starting within the public school Establishment. One needed to listen or read carefully, but this teacher prior to being terminated (within hours) had worked for the same school or district for 24-years and last year was voted “Teacher of the Year” by the students of the school.

In this ugly, grotesquely pitiful scene within the classroom – had it not been for a bright student going for the video on her cell phone – this teacher may still be unemployed. However, if we remember the conspiracy of ignorance – or the dummying down of America, this unruly, obviously under the influence student would continue to be the disruptive, negligent bump on a log that he or she remains.

Unfortunately, if you were able to see this video (it’s on YouTube now) it was the almost chanting and rallying of the other students that exemplifies how well the Establishment though starting within the education arena have managed to penetrate the judgment and homes of America’s youth.

Duh…almost forgot! The teacher said, “After 24 years in education I believe I have earned the trust of every student who has even heard of me…and I’ve always stated; the day some kid, child, student raised a hand on me, I was going to bust em’ up.”


Please Address the Clues and Hints

Okay a different course of action for this post. We will be putting some sentences together in good order; furthermore, what we are doing is putting a definition of a word(s) together. We would love it if you’d try and come up with the answer to what is being described.

Allowing economy to operate without government control; allow companies and the economy to operate without government control. Other word(s) include: Lenient, Accommodating, or lackadaisical.

The policy of allowing companies and the economy to operate without government control; moreover, this includes not getting involved in other people’s activities.

Other very descriptive hints are: The principle that the economy works best if private industry is not regulated and markets are free. Still more great clues and tips to this policy or standard: Independent, self-directed, self-ruling, self-governing, self-sufficient.

Again all of these sentences, hints, clue words are describing in precise detail albeit a standard, mixed standards, standards of operation, or even judicial proceedings.

(If push comes to shove if you’d like to check your answer, or if you give up and still need to know the word(s) are written on this home page.

Three (3) Minutes and We’ll show you


As stated before in so many posts, there is an obvious disconnect between what is and the way it ought to be. Seriously ladies and gentlemen give me three minutes of your time and this notion will be clearly demonstrated before your very eyes.

First let’s start with our congressional officials, city and state officials, and basically over 50 percent of adults in this country and ask them: (1) is it okay to fail a high school level civics test? And (2) who do they feel may be the ‘role models’ from where their very children gather their study habits?

I need to share with everyone today the findings of another survey. This particular survey was designed with every conceivable statistical data model available. What was the intention of this survey? To measure the social attitudes and subsequent behaviors of those very people who are the product of their civics failing parents.

How could anyone be so stupid not to realize that the laid-back and blasé attitudes that we take in parenting, education, and our civic environment will not have an affect on what happens as a result…please think again!

The survey was conducted by an organization called the Josephson Institute and can be found by the same name dot org. Thirty thousand students (30,000) were surveyed utilizing one hundred (100) different high schools; furthermore, this is a longitudinal study meaning that the data collected ranges over a period of time.

The Ethics of American Youth – 2008 summary

Survey of teens reveals entrenched habits of dishonesty – stealing, lying, and cheating rates climb to alarming rates.

STEALING— In bad news for business, more than one in three boys (35 percent) and one-fourth of the girls (26 percent) – a total of 30 percent overall – admitted stealing from a store within the past year. In 2006 the overall theft rate was 28 percent (32 percent males, 23 percent females).

LYING— More than two of five (42 percent) said that they sometimes lie to save money. Again, the male-female difference was significant: 49 percent of the males, 36 percent of the females. In 2006, 39 percent said they lied to save money (47 percent males, 31 percent females).

CHEATING— Cheating in school continues to be rampant and it’s getting worse. A substantial majority (64 percent) cheated on a test during the past year (38 percent did so two or more times), up from 60 percent and 35 percent, respectively, in 2006. There were no gender differences on the issue of cheating on exams.

Despite these high levels of dishonesty, the respondents have a high self-image when it comes to ethics. A whopping 93 percent said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character and 77 percent said that when it comes to doing what is right, I am better than most people I know.

And finally is there a link between what and how their primary care givers instruct, teach, discipline, and ‘school’ them in reality of the world, and please all things being equal, is there a connection with a ‘bailout, LGBT, same sex marriage, and otherwise liberal’ mentality?