Is it possible to work together?

Is it possible to work together?

flageag9Far be it from me but it appears that there is a very unique situation that exists in political Washington D.C. I am not even going to try and attempt to mention when the last time the Republican party held all facets of the government. Republicans definitely got the edge in the House as well as any edge they ever needed in the Senate and add to that the Presidency!

One would think that this is the time that ‘politically’ Republicans would be going for anything and virtually everything that has been denied them through the extremes of the Democrat party. Say for instance, that the Republicans of the state of California wanted some get back for having voted to ban same-sex marriage than through a court the judges decided “Nah” forget the referendum and initiative bit called out there, Propositions.

Or in another instance, the people of the same state want some issue for the immigration165px-sen_mitch_mcconnell_official_cropped falsities that have been going on. Again, “Nah” not the American way. So, let’s put together the gang of eight; subsequently, the worst four Senators in the Republican party! So please, someone please help me out here, okay? What has this man Mitch McConnell done for you or me or the country lately other than vote for what Obama wanted; moreover, vote for the guy who has given the Chinese (ergo, the entire Southeastern Asian populace) the greatest advantage known in the US or world history?


What has John McCain with legitimacy done for the US lately? It sure as heck is not his Senate seat! Let’s just go from memory, shall we? Clinton, William “Bill” was known to have allowed certain Top-Secret codes to get into Chinese hands. McCain was a senator then. Arizona is a great state that befell a lot when Obama was in office. McCain was a senator then too! So outside of being a POW when does he start working for the USA?

Funny thing about the names mentioned so far and furthermore now as well. What the

graham McCain

McCain and (R) Graham

heck has Sen. Lindsey Graham done for this nation? He also was a gang of eight members who had it not been for a couple of other senators in the same region cutting him down a peg or two actually voted for amnesty for the illegals.

All things being equal, I have not seen nor experienced albeit through television or reading that any of these loyal Republicans have done to at least assist President Trump.

06comeytranscript-master768 (1)

Former FBI

Even in word, like “nice job chief.” As far as I am concerned, there is a lot of noise coming from the bowels of the swamp. So people, shut them up. Not a word about tearing and ripping the history of the US apart, just keep on, keeping on and collude with the FBI, special interest groups, and the thought that not one of you will do anything to better off our country. If so, I am here all year and waiting for your responses.



President Obama 10 days before

coc_2It took former President Obama 10 days from leaving the White House before he spoke out against President Trump’s order to temporarily ban people from seven predominately Muslim countries.

The statement was from a spokesman, and it did not attack Trump directly. Rather it appealed to protesters.

“President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,” Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president, said in a statement. “Citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.”

It is overly easy to tell that this is Democrat Party writing. Leveling the details: Barack Obama is “heartened by the level of engagement” around the nation. Here is where this gets just a little bullish: “Citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices…see when American values are at stake.”     CcmKujIWEAAScEQ

As for me, this was written for the child-like mind insofar as it reeks of how democrats are constantly changing the wording, the truth, lying, and prone to changing a subject whenever they are wrong. Example: What Obama and this individual are doing to “American values” is simply incorrect. He conveniently leaves out the right to peaceably assemble, moreover, to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I was taught that “to petition” openly means that anyone assembling needs to have a signed permit or petition listing where, when, how, and why the “redress of grievances” would be taking place. Indeed back in the 1970s, any self-respecting protester would apply for a petition first.

There is a debate on how to approach a Trump attack. There is fear that if Obama comes out too early against Trump it could lessen the effectiveness of the message. His team reportedly does not want Obama to be the face of the anti-Trump protests.

“I wouldn’t be opposed if he spoke out,” Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., told Politico. “I just don’t know what effect it would be.” If any! Nothing quite like a person who is largely responsible for the continued heartened by the level of engagement of Ferguson, Missouri, and all the other places that Obama inspired racial animus.

He continued, “In hindsight, I believe it was wrong for Barack Obama to normalize Donald Trump,” he said.

LiarsPolls show Obama left the office both popular and trusted. (What! You must be joking!)He had appeared more cautious about diluting his influence by quickly second-guessing Trump. Doing so could make it easier for Trump to dismiss critiques as predictable partisan nitpicking. And becoming the face of Trump’s opposition could make it harder for the next generation of Democratic leaders to emerge.

Obama said nothing Monday when Trump fired his former appointee Sally Yates, who was serving as acting attorney general. He also won’t opine on Trump’s announcement of a Supreme Court nominee, former White House aides in touch with Obama said. This is sympathetic. Yates should have been fired. Obama should have been impeached.

Obama loyalists said the expressions of opposition aren’t part of an organized campaign. They reported being energized by a series of group text messages, Facebook groups and email chains in which some of the thousands of one-time Obama staffers are sharing their dismay. Then do us all a favor and quit.

What is so hard about allowing the elected President do his job? We all know that it is petty and very, very Democratic Party nonsense that is causing the gridlock, better still, the Monster Truck pile up on the beltway.


A twice-deported undocumented immigrant fights to stay with his family in the U.S.

A twice-deported undocumented immigrant fights to stay with his family in the U.S.

2eagle Angel Farias’ wife, two children and five siblings were born here in the United States. His mother and two other siblings are naturalized citizens. Angel came here in 1985 at age 7.

Like many undocumented immigrants, Angel’s family is a hodge-podge of those who have papers and those who don’t. And even Obama’s proposed Executive Order wouldn’t change his status: Angel has been deported twice.

Both times, he walked across the Sonoran desert with a backpack of food and water so that he could return to his family. Just a bit more illegal behavior that supports that Mr. Farias is not the kind of immigrant that the U.S. is interested in. After first deportation Mr. Farias is supposed to be suspended for ten (10) years on re-entering the U.S.A.

Angel’s family migrated from Michoacán to Washington’s Yakima Valley, where he and his siblings often skipped school to help their parents harvest cherries and asparagus. After 30 years in Yakima, Angel was able to start his own business as a house painter. He talks and eats like an American. His son speaks better English than Spanish. Yakima is all he’s ever known.

But U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came and found him. The last time was in 2014. He appealed his deportation, so he spent 14 months in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, where he led a hunger strike and spent weeks in solitary confinement.

His detention impacted the Farias family’s fortunes drastically. Angel was the undocumented breadwinner for a family of American citizens (by default). While he was away, they lost their house to foreclosure, and their credit was ruined. Unable to pay bills, Angel’s wife struggled day-to-day to put food on the table.

By the time he was released on bond, Angel’s father had passed away and his wife had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Many undocumented immigrants are like Farias – they’ve been in the country for decades, have U.S.-born children but are barred from any path to legal status.

Angel’s first deportation order was for a misdemeanor arrest on charges that were later dropped. The next two were for returning to the U.S. illegally.

Angel’s history bars him from obtaining family visas and, while he has relatives in Mexico with ties to violent crime, it also makes it highly unlikely he’ll be granted asylum here.

His life provides a glimpse on the emotional and financial impact that deportations and detentions can have on one American family.

No! My heart is not crying for Mr. Farias or any member of his family. His wife, five siblings and two children were born American citizens. Hey Congress — it’s time to get real with the Citizenship Clause in the 14th Amendment!

Moreover, we find it very difficult to believe that someone here since 1985 would be having difficulty finding a way to at least be granted Green card status.

Arden V

Reform immigration and Visa Statutes

Reform immigration and Visa Statutes


The San Bernardino shooters — Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook — emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet each other for the first time, according to Malik’s immigration file, portions of which were released today by the House Judiciary Committee.

Given the overall amount of terroristic attacks in this nation, how long and when is our government going to do something about this constant and reckless disregard of factual information?

The House Judiciary Committee investigates whether Malik’s visa was issued improperly. Chairman Bob Goodlatte says immigration officials did not do enough to screen Malik’s application and alleges that the passport stamps on Malik’s Saudi visa don’t prove she and Farook were in Saudi Arabia at the same time.

Malik, who was from Pakistan but had lived in Saudi Arabia, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card, U.S. officials have said. Malik married Farook, an American of Pakistani descent, in August 2014 and the couple had a baby six months before the Dec. 2 massacre that killed 14. Both died in a shootout with police afterwards.

dhs sealJust revealing this little portion of the released documents and information that is well-known to a majority of Americans — this entire notion of Malik, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card. This has set up a series of red flags that cannot be ignored by the following agencies: Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (USCIS) always the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive Devices (ATF), there are far more agencies but what does it matter ($$) if a person can obtain these credentials so easily.

Allow me to ask a question: How many of us were aware of a “Fiancé” visa when the term itself leads one to believe that these people were not married!

Please be advised that this writer has written about the costs of Visa lotteries (giveaways), and to be completely within the law, partners of same-sex marriage people are lined up and ready to get their papers, the same with illegal aliens, and any refugee or asylum seekers the world over.

Please if anyone from the named agencies happen to be reading, let’s cut to the chase and make you folks as safe as possible.


Obama Administration admitted to The New York Times they resisted producing a metric

Who could believe what this man says?

Who could believe what this man says?

In a stunning admission, officials in the Obama Administration admitted to The New York Times they resisted producing a metric to determine whether the border is secure because President Obama did not want any hurdles placed between illegal aliens and a pathway to citizenship (The New York Times, Mar. 21, 2013).

The admission was made to the New York Times Thursday, a day after Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials shocked Members of Congress by announcing that despite promises to develop one, they still have no official way to measure whether the border is secure. (Hearing video clip; Mar. 20, 2013)

In 2011, the Obama Administration abandoned the metric of “operational control” and it planned to develop a new “holistic” measure, called the Border Condition Index (BCI) to measure border security. Indeed, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano herself told Congress in October 2011 that this index would be able to provide “the big picture” for measuring progress at the border and that it would be ready the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2012. (Napolitano Testimony, Oct. 25, 2011; See FAIR Legislative Update, Mar. 4, 2013, for more background information.)

Upon learning the Obama Administration delayed developing a border security metric to protect a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, the FAIR sharply criticized both the Administration and those in Congress who are trying to ram a mass amnesty bill through Congress.

“The American people need to understand that the current administration has no intention of honoring any enforcement commitments that might be included in an amnesty bill. Both the administration and leading lawmakers are making it clear that enforcement will either be delayed endlessly or ignored altogether,” said FAIR’s President Dan Stein.

“Moreover, how can Congress possibly consider passing mass amnesty legislation when the Department of Homeland Security admits it has no way of measuring whether the border is secure, and when Obama Administration officials say they don’t want one?” he concluded. (FAIR Press Release, Mar. 22, 2013) Hat-tip to Julie Kirchner at FAIR for inspiration.



Its Oxymoron Time

Oxymoron Time

It is “Oxymoron Time”; this is one of the inspirations we use to get going albeit, most of the times when we don’t want to write about the news. Actually it is the condition of the news that we abhor.

On the one hand we have an incumbent person in office that has trampled and crushed everything he stated in order to gain control of the office. Oh we are only addressing things such as transparency, posting legislative proceedings on C-Span within 5 days of any vote, accountability to the American people for immigration reform, green energy, and to “restore America as the number one country in the world by traveling abroad.”

So what is an oxymoron? Briefly an oxymoron is basically an expression that contains two or more contradictory words for effect. For example using a phrase such as “wise fool” or “legal murder” is rather obvious. However another definition for oxymoron that makes it more complete and a bit more thorough.

Phrases or complete sentences expressed to show words with opposite meanings are used more and more now that folks are really beginning to abuse the English language albeit, for laughs or pure unethical change. Examples of these are “a bittersweet experience” really equates to an experience one has had that is both unpleasant and pleasant.

Now all in good fun mind you, here is an example of how we play “Oxymoron Time”. How is it that a person who has failed miserably even considers the notion of getting four more years to trample and go against the law of the land and make things even worse?

Here is a good one, using the notion of opposites within a sentence we ask how does a person promise publicly to overhaul the Immigration and Naturalization Service within his first year of office; subsequently, begins to issue Memorandums of Order to various departments chiefs so it would appear that he has had nothing to do with it? Barack Obama lied first to Latinos and Hispanics (to capture their vote) then continued the lie for three years into his presidency before he started his backdoor amnesty accommodations.

As far as transparency, accountability, and the use of C-Span to keep the American people in the loop, what actually happened was the most egregious oxymoron for that time. He had various senators and representatives voting on a health care bill before it were even printed!

And the one for all time sake – that should get him impeached or indicted – is this entire cover-up known as Benghazi-Gate. On one hand the President, the Secretary of State, and the Ambassador to the United Nations from the U.S. were all spinning this lie about a 14-minute tape that caused such an upheaval, when in fact, this was a pre-planned orchestrated terrorist insurrection over who was to receive weapons among the rebels in Syria.

And now the person is still telling the American people that he did mutter these two words from the Rose Garden one day after watching this armored attack on the U.S. Consulate, “terror attack.”

The Sickening Abuses and Schemes of Obama

Earlier this morning after a brief discussion with our team I stated that “My fear is of major concern for our Nation – it’s not about various policies that like brief streams of wind come and go because for what it’s worth that is precisely what politicians do (and the staff here realize that I am definitely referring to human communication, twisting words, and making mockery out of context within a given content – [continuing] I stated that my biggest fear for me, mine, you, yours, and the entire lot of people living in America is none other than this man…Barack Obama.”

Paraphrasing here I also made mention of how could anyone living in this nation – America – possibly vote for this guy. Furthermore, upon being asked why, I very simply stated that I felt that not only was President Obama not qualified to be the POTUS; moreover, I feel that he is dangerous to the health, safety, and welfare of the Nation.

Naturally our earlier briefing session was longer than any of us thought it would be but there is one complete line of substantiated facts that we will never hear at a debate, or any public policy speech.

There should not be an American or anyone existing in this country that could possibly turn a blind eye, or non-hearing ears to the travesties that have occurred on Barack Obama’s watch – yet with the assistance of the mainstream media, as well as the gullibility of the people, including the lassie-faire consciousness and reluctance for people to do – efficacy – the notion of making a change in the political system of our nation. Therefore, again I reiterated that a vote for any other person running for the office of the President of the United States would be better than a condoning vote for Barack Obama.

We have addressed the relationship of content and context on this site for years. In addition, we have discussed the options of comparing and contrasting events. These parameters often used in History classes or Literature classes in the form of essays are asking for just that; foretelling by comparing or contrasting the facts that have occurred with what would or could be a more desirable outcome.

First we want to address content of what was stated by Obama on Sunday September 12, 2012 and we will present to you the actual words. Our question is what context was the language used? For example, was the President explaining an event that occurred; or, was he manipulating all of the content to prove his assertion that he did in fact, call the events that happened in Benghazi, Libya a “Terrorist Attack”?

From this point it is very conceivable that based on how the content was manipulated (out of context) as to why the events of the next fourteen days occurred namely the use of a video tape, a non-structured riot, the Nation’s Ambassador to the United Nations making appearances on all the Sunday morning shows, and finally the gumption of an unbiased press to contrast the White House’s story and subsequently, the official story.

The following is a transcript of the actual proceedings pursuant to last night’s debate with special emphasis given to the content, context, and the comparing and contrasting that for me represent a clear and present danger to those of us in America with Barack Obama as president.

Mr. Obama did make reference to the fact that “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation,” but his comments that day also appeared to reference the video, when he said, “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.” The administration changed its description of the attack, eventually describing it as a terror attack linked to al Qaeda sympathizers. Although this is what President Obama claims as his definition of calling what happened in Benghazi a “Terrorist” attack? “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.”

Please see today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal for a complete analysis with text and video to support what was actually said. Please click here.

Please understand that the attempt of President Obama alleging that in the Rose Garden he made mention of the Benghazi attack remotely or even quasi-significant as a “Terrorist attack” is nothing more than manipulation of content within the parameters of the communiqué. This is what is often referred to as “taken out of context” and in this instance he sure did. The manipulation of words is perhaps one of the most deceitful means of scheming and launching horrendous fabrications.

“But let him ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:6-8)