What is America Being Made Into..?

What is America Being Made Into..?

MV5BOTA2NjI3ODExNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjU3OTE5MDE@__V1_UY190_CR8,0,128,190_AL_Interestingly we have all watched the horror movies since the beginning of our very lives! When was the last time you or anyone you know gone to the Internet Movie Database (imdb) and if only for a moment just looked into the Horror Section?

It is even more phenomenal for me to look at the particular actors and actresses and seen what their real accomplishments have been say, into the Arts, Business, Social Sciences, and Medicine.

The point that is trying to be made here is that Boris Karloff, Betty Davis, Robert England, Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price, are recognized as one of the true icons of horror cinema, and the actor most closely identified with the general public’s perception of the “monster” from the classic Mary Shelley book, “Frankenstein” is Boris Karloff.
The irony about these thespians is that they lived almost dual lives. Most of them achieved high statuses in other fields.

It is also quite well-known that many of today’s stars or celebrities got their original startsMV5BMzc3NjEwNTM1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU2NzI5NA@@__V1_UX128_CR0,0,128,190_AL_ in some form of horror or thriller film.

I know that there have been extremely bizarre debates as well as arguments that deal with the film’s rating which as I’m sure you are aware of that the more blood, female skin, graphics, and the like, the more the film must be edited to receive a “good housekeeping” rating.

This genre of film works tremendously in the United States. For reasons that are unbeknownst to me since many of the characters, stories, and scenes come from different cultures living mostly in Europe.

So what does all of this have to do with the U.S.A. and what the country is being made into? Actually, or for the most part, nothing. For anyone that argues I would say that the slasher films or horror films are definitely part of the American culture.

Actually what concerns me is that the USA is a Judeo-Christian based culture; I know that there are some that would love to argue this point — but so, so sorry. There is no argument.

MV5BMTM3NjA1NDMyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDQzNDMzOQ@@__V1_UY190_CR0,0,128,190_AL_People say that there are difficulties with guns — is it guns or is it people? Same thing with crime. Speaking of incarceration and the disparities’ that seem too lopsided and I will argue that people are either not looking at the truth or, our system of laws is being too manipulated or, legislation is certainly in the wrong hands. Why should we as a nation, leave the sentencing criteria up to the House or Senate or both? These people do not know sentencing because they are rich and privileged.

Finally if the law states that for a “Third Conviction” a person gets life imprisonment, then anyone disputing that claim should not call for a change in sentencing guidelines (that’s discrimination!) but rather should be challenging the guidelines. One way or another it is always going to come back to the person who committed the crime. Guns, drugs, murder, etc., if the penalty is strong enough without exceptions then the crimes will drop like bricks.



Every Great Performance Should be Mentioned

Every Great Performance Should be Mentioned

MV5BMTY2MzM2NzAxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDIyMzg1NDE@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Please pardon my lateness of this review; however, it is not just about being late, but to be assured you are getting a true and correct public viewer’s sentiments sometimes it is responsible to view a larger portion of the particular actor’s work before making any kind of comment or a “just for the press” type of deal. Are we cool? Great!

Admittedly I have been off the mailing list of the Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and those who make the decisions on who wins what for whatever, more aptly called “the Committee,” or members of the A-A-Academ-my. And it is my hope beyond all hope that far sooner than later those crusty ol’ gray or bald headed men who have not seen a film in 20 years or so and then — send their “best boys” in to vote for them.

Quite openly I have seen this thespian in other sorts of misgiving roles; however, it is his rare acting chops and ability that attends to the notion of bringing reality into each role this man has played. If we can, let’s ask this question: Who in the film, Divergent did you like to hate the most and…for what reasons? I mean this guy did not do anything other than be a smart-ass younger adult. I mean he beats the dung out of the film’s female star — hard, yet all things being equal no one had the right to hate him for it.

For those of you who did not see That Awkward Moment he brilliantly articulated a shy guy that really couldn’t hold his own with the ladies. Then again it’s not a bad place to be in when the male lead, Zac Efron, gets a lot of the heavier stuff which he then needs his boys to assist him out of a huge funk insofar as he became the “Loser” in a failed relationship effort.

banner_posterBut I have lived my “Every Great Performance Should be Mentioned” and I may be late but I’m not stupid. Of course I am making mention of the purposeful which almost appears as “Method Acting” that a well trained Miles Teller brings to his parts. Most recently — and back to the Academy for a moment — who ever even heard films, Birdman, Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, The Budapest Grand Hotel, Gone Girl and about five more other films that typically didn’t do squat until after the OSCARS were given out. Yep, this film starts J. K. Simmons so it is that one, actually released in 2014. Simmons finally got let out of “between the lines” and rocked — outstandingly.

Then again I also believe that every good performance is nurtured along [respectfully] by the other members of the cast, and in this particular case Miles Teller does not disappoint. Miles Teller will be on parody or even bigger than Matt and Ben.


You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

In pursuit to my post of yesterday (or late last evening) I captured a few of the writing suggestions that are offered by WordPress at the end of each new post in an attempt to get a good start on your new post. Actually, I believe now that these suggestions are literally prepared by and offered by the WordPress writers, or in other words, us.

The three for today are # 1 and it is the title of this post; # 2 Share a fear that you’re working to overcome; and the third one is “What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?”

Therefore I’ve chosen to write that I am now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes. But first the reason why I chose this particular topic for an essay or article is that when I perused them originally I thought like a student. Do I want to be persuasive; do I want this to come out like a writing assignment or a debate piece?

Basically it boiled down to my love for fortune cookies outweighing my fear of something – to clinical, impersonal, and it would sound like either a journal or an Academic manual of sorts. Furthermore, writing about forms of exercise is also a stratified endeavor insofar as when thinking of muscle groups and how to work them –ah, I’m just not in the mood.

Therefore it is the non-fearing, over-exertion less fun writing about telling fortunes. So without any further adieu, a fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a “fortune” wrapped inside. A “fortune” is a piece of paper with words of wisdom or a vague prophecy written exclusively for the person who consumes the cookie.

Imagine that during one year approximately 4 billion fortune cookies will be will be consumed around the world.

However, a large percentage of that number will be consumed in the USA where according to legend, and the rumor mill, the fortune cookie was developed by the Japanese (approximently 2.75 billion). However during their unfortunate internment during World War Two, legend suggest that some rival Chinese immigrants brought the idea to America.

And oh how I love to inform folks who are downtrodden over a relationship break-up that: “The person of your dreams is still waiting;” or for those who are having a little financial difficulty, I love to let them know they’re about ready to come into some unexpected wealth. A lot of folks don’t understand that these morsels of unparalleled knowledge are interchangeable.

So let’s say you’re the one with money problems and the lady directly across from you is experiencing a cold and hard break-up. So her fortune is 5 randomly chosen numbers and yours is finding that girl of your dreams. So you decide to swap.

And Viola! The 5 random numbers you played in today’s lottery that came from the cookie she swappped for, have come in and you are $10,000,000 wealthier, whilst at the same time your newly found lady friend accompanies you for the night on the town in Sydney Australia for dinner in celebration of your fortune cookies!

MJ, is this really necessary?

Is it necessary, MJ?

As we have espoused so many times here at American Age – does Dr. Conrad Murray need to be summonsed to face a jury, the main-stream media, and the world for the untimely death of Michael Jackson. Is Dr. Murray a murderer, we think not. Does Dr. Murray use good and sound judgment, we also think not.
Yet sooner than later the entire Jackson family moreover, MJ’s irrational and unrealistic fans must accept the facts behind MJ’s death. We are of the opinion (yeah…everyone has one!) that if MJ would have had the fortitude he probably would have taken his own life. Furthermore, as a manner of due-diligence it is believed that Conrad Murray was as instrumental as a syringe, or needle, or rolling papers.
The point being made is that MJ was on the fast-track to ending his life perhaps years before he even knew Dr. Conrad. So just as a question we’d like to ask: What is the difference between Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass Eliot, and so many more that have perished by overdose? The only difference is that Dr. Murray was there.
People, to get multiple prescriptions for the same medication, is going to take several doctors. Unfortunately Dr. A does not know his patient is seeing Dr. B and so on. How many bags of pill bottles did the investigators take from MJ’s residence? Now add to that in how many names were the prescriptions made out for?
Now then a doctor has a patient – one only patient – who has retained his services for 800,000 per year to treat only him. Now we are prompted to ask this question: Did MJ possess the history, decision-making, problem-solving, or make choices that we’re even remotely average or even ‘normal’? We don’t think he did.
Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, will plead not guilty Monday morning when he is arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges … sources tell TMZ.
We’re told there is a concern about Dr. Murray’s safety because of intense feeling on the part of some Michael Jackson fans that Dr. Murray killed the singer. As we first reported, Dr. Murray will be accompanied by a bail bondsman who will post bail — expected to be $25,000.
Our sources say Dr. Murray will not waive his right to a preliminary hearing. Following arraignment and booking, we’re told Dr. Murray will leave L.A. and go either to Las Vegas or Houston.


Celebrity v. Stardom v. Fame, trois

What is a Celebrity?

What is a Celebrity?

We originally thought that this small series would only be three parts; however, much to our pleasure and concern, we find that it is going to be just a bit more that what we initially planned. In one way it’s a good thing; yet, on the other hand it’s troubling.
We know, we know…we promised to move on to fame and its qualifications, categories, and degrees. Although we want too we find that now is not the appropriate time insofar as America’s fixation with celebrities or better yet, people who have appeared in film, television, or other mediums of recognition is still too under developed for us to move on with good conscience.
In fact we believe that it indeed may be the industry that creates the ‘celeb’ rather than anything the person may have done. We, as you know, have written rather extensively on the notion of “manufactured celebrity” and we believe that the marketing machines in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as the representative agencies may be the greatest significant factor in how a person achieves ‘celeb status.’
Most real, and we mean r-e-a-l celebrities are those folks who have trained whilst most of the time they’ve multi-crossed trained to become – or develop the special skills they possess. We have examples that illustrate this very easily. Has anyone ever noticed how a British actor can influence a particular scene – almost to the point of manipulation with just their eyes – almost within the realm of being off camera?
British actors or most of them are staged trained far before ever considering a career in film or television. We mean seriously, watch a British actor, even an Australian actor whilst on-screen; it is definitely their presence that is so powerful. Why do you think Gary Oldman was chosen to play Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series? Just look at Hugh Jackman as ‘Logan’ or ‘Wolverine’ in the X-Men franchise; or about the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight?
Our reference is not that Brit’s or Aussie’s are any better than are Americans. We do however believe that if an American performer wants to rise to the top of their field; albeit, film, television, music, or otherwise then one will have to train in all aspects of their given choice. It was a while back that I read An Actor Prepares by Stanislavski, who most refer to as ‘the father of modern theater’ and definitely the author and perfector of the process known as ‘Method Acting.’ In An Actor Prepares the author clearly establishes that fencing, dancing, and emotional memory are some of the most important skills a good actor should acquire.
As far as music is concerned, as well as art, these disciplines need practice, training, mentoring, and then more practicing. All of the great musicians throughout time have paid their dues so to speak insofar as one does not pick up an instrument and become a celebrity. Even here there are exceptions such as the Partridge Family, the Monkees, or just about anyone seen on television that has attained ‘celebrity status’ without even a hit record.
Several of us here at American Age are syndicated writers – some have attained celeb status; others, would just as soon be the person with the notepad or tape recorder. And then some of us have very well-known family members and/or famous great grandparents – but does any of that make us a celebrity? No.
American people or even those who live in America have a fixation with wannabe stars, celebrities—if even for a minute, or just about anyone famous. Why do you suppose that is? And here is one fact that we will definitely be addressing much sooner than later…
It seems that a whole host of “celebrities” now have Twitter accounts. Why? Most likely to keep their flame from extinguishing; moreover, these folks will write messages for themselves and their friends (in show business) to add them as or too “follow” them. Is there like a status that goes along with how many people ‘follow’ you? Who knows? What we – every writer on staff here – have asked a question (politely, professionally, and respectfully) and for most of us, none of the “celebs” has ever offered so much as a ‘Hello’ or a legitimate answer to our questions. So what’s up with that? Go figure! It’s just bad form. . .

Jackson family…OUTRAGE!

Where's the Moral Compass?

Where's the Moral Compass?

Michael Jackson’s estranged father Joe has spoken out for the first time since the pop legend’s death was ruled a homicide insisting the family “wants justice.” 
The Los Angeles’ County Coroner ruled on Friday the King of Pop, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 25, was killed by a cocktail of strong prescription drugs.
His death was blamed on the “acute” presence of the anesthetic Propofol and anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam in his system.
The superstar had also taken Midazolam (Versed), Diazepam (Valium), Lidocaine (topical anesthetic) and Ephedrine prior to his death. Is there any reason for Ephedrine to be in MJ’s system?
 Jackson, 80, tells the Today show on Monday, “I keep thinking, I just can’t believe this happened to him… I’m not angry, I’m mad. I’m mad because I didn’t know all of this was going on, that’s what I’m mad about. I didn’t know he was taking that type of medication. They (the family) want justice to be done and that’s what is being done. I don’t know (if that means criminal charges). Sounds to me like the guilt is running rampant in the Jackson family house!
“It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the drug. That tells me that was foul play, that’s what it tells me and (there is) more to be investigated to see what was behind all of this stuff, not just Dr. Conrad Murray. Someone should pay. Not just someone, but all of them should pay that’s (sic) involved. I didn’t say doctors, everybody else that’s involved.”
Dear Mr. Joe Jackson: Has it ever occured to you that you are not a walking talking Physician’s Desk Reference? Furthermore, just because you haven’t heard of a drug does not necessarily mean it is a mark for foul play.
In your extended absence from Michael’s life — which we don’t know if this was by your choice, family choice, Michael’s choice, or if the court authorities choice — we feel you might want to sit down before we start.
What was the difference between Michael’s death and that of Heath Ledger? Or Marilyn Monroe? Answer: The only difference was that the other two didn’t have a doctor on site. However, all three had similarities that were too common to be happenstance. Of the three deaths the users (deceased) we’re all under the care of a physician and received prescriptions from more than one doctor.
Furthermore, before we launch into anything vis-a-vie the Jackson clan we feel it is incumbent upon us to educate you a bit about your son, Michael. Michael had been strung-out on drugs the majority of his adult life. By strung-out we of course mean, addicted; in most cases it is next to impossible to get addicted to most medications; with the exception of those your son was taking.
It may be hard for the Jackson family to come to terms with, however, as much as we pray for them and their loss, we admit to ourselves two very important pathologies that MJ entertained. One, members of MJ’s entourage and family are every bit as culpable as any other entity; and two, MJ had a real problem with drugs; enough that they killed him. We do not believe that Dr.’s Murray or Klein killed MJ; we don’t believe that the Jackson family killed MJ though we are aware of the many intervention strategies they tried.
In finale Mr. Jackson, as much as we all hate to admit it…MJ through his uncontrollable lust for drugs inevitably killed himself.
And as such — if one single California taxpayer or American taxpayer gets robbed “wanting justice” — it would be doing Michael a great disservice!

Murder, Suicide, Negligence, or what?

29603326-29603329-lmediumThe Los Angeles County coroner’s office determined the cause of death was “acute propofol intoxication.” Lorazepam, another sedative sold under the brand name Ativan, contributed to the death.
Additional drugs detected in Jackson’s system were the sedatives midazolam and diazepam, the painkiller lidocaine and the stimulant ephedrine.
Dr. Conrad Murray, the Las Vegas cardiologist who was the pop star’s personal physician, told police he gave Jackson propofol that morning after a series of sedatives failed to help Jackson sleep.
Murray has been interviewed twice by police. According to court records, he told investigators that over about six hours he injected Jackson with two doses each of lorazepam and midazolam. Finally, around 10:40 a.m., Murray said he succumbed to Jackson’s demands and administered propofol, a drug Murray said he had given Jackson every night for six weeks. He said he had diluted the propofol with lidocaine.
 That dosage is very small and by itself it’s very unlikely it would have killed him. But with the other drugs there was a “benzodiazepine effect,” according to the coroner, and it was deadly. “It’s hard to set any level because of the way those act in synergy,” he said. Given after the sedative lorazepam, “Even a small dose of propofol might have a very large effect.”
Inasmuch as MJ seemed to tolerate the amount of the benzodiazepams given (double or triple dosages) we believe he either had a lofty relationship with these medications and therefore built a tolerance; or somehow during the early morning hours MJ received a stimulant to keep him awake; or and perhaps most logical is the notion that Dr. Murray was negligent and made a very poor decision to administer propofol in addition to the drugs he’d already injected MJ with.
One final issue we at American Age have: Why would MJ hire a doctor who was $680,000 in debt, defaulting on student loans, with several judgments against him unless he wanted someone who was desperate?