Obama orders ICE to install free hotline service 24/7 for Illegal Immigrants

As states across the nation ramp up their efforts to catch illegal immigrants, the Obama administration on Thursday launched a new free hotline for people busted on violations to get help. We believe that this is typical for our last article of 2011.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Thursday that it launched a hotline for people jailed on immigration charges who believe they are victims of crime or may be U.S. citizens.

Please do not misunderstand that, the illegal aliens apprehended in this country have always had the same phone as offered to every other inmate in custody for their mandated one phone call status. What is at issue here is the notion of providing a toll-free hot line staffed 24 hour a day by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to answer questions from people held in local jails about whether they may face deportation proceedings.

The hot line is the latest move by the Obama administration to address concerns about suspected illegal immigrants held in local jails. Earlier this month, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ended agreements that had allowed deputies at an Arizona sheriff’s office to check the immigration status of local jail inmates after a Justice Department (DOJ) report outlined allegations of racial profiling and discrimination against Latinos.

This is where we draw the line with Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama, Asst. AG Tony Perez, and of course, DHS secretary Janet Napolitano. We wonder – legitimately so – whether or not anyone of the aforementioned could please send or publish or otherwise, a definite and correct version of what racial profiling is actually.

Truly one of the greatest travesties to ever get discrimination, or protected status has to be in the notion of “identity profiling” which is what is being done, under the guise of racial profiling; subsequently, any time that discrimination gets added on to anything excrement hits the fan and splatters those who realize that preferential treatment is being issued to the transgressors.

We take issue with this insofar as this is what dictates “special rights” given to any given class of people. This is not an invasion of a person’s natural, human, civil, sexual orientation, racial, marriage partner, sex (gender), creed, or religious rights. These are “special rights” that have been borne out of ad hoc type decisions from a lazy government.

Homeland Security also announced the creation of a new “detainer” form that gives law enforcement the authority to hold a person in custody for a time.

The notice informs these individuals that ICE has requested the [law enforcement agency] maintain custody beyond the time when they would have otherwise been released by the state or local law enforcement authorities based on their criminal charges or convictions,” an ICE press release stated. “The notice also includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese translations.”

Immigration rights advocates have argued that there has been a need for more accountability and oversight in immigration detainers for a long time. To this we say fine…and we agree; albeit, on matters determining deportations.

“The ACLU and other advocates identified four native-born U.S. citizens who were held unlawfully in custody through immigration detainers in Los Angeles County. One of these citizens was held for two days because of an immigration detainer despite repeatedly telling officers that he was a U.S. citizen,” said Laura Vazquez, immigration legislative analyst for the National Council of La Raza, according to CNN.

Earlier this week, month, and year and many years before 2011 we discussed with many individuals as to why the US government feels it is appropriate to take part in funding organizations such as La Raza only to have members of these special interest groups putting it too their very benefactors.


If you could banish any one person from your life who would it be? Why?

What an awesome topic to write on; compliments of the great folks at Word Press who always leave some interesting suggestions at posting time. We know they’ve done their research; we think it is at publishing time when we see the lists because one is still in the head space for writing.

This question was so easy for me I’ve intentionally waited and procrastinated all the while wondering if it would be right or wrong. The whilst reading my favorite book, The Bible, I came across several different areas of scripture where it states, “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is counted as prudent (Pro. 17:28 NASB).

Now of course this line of reasoning I am reminded that “abandon a quarrel before it starts…” or even expose those who…” until finally I get to reading where it states that there are those things which are contrary or opposite to what God wants, and for those things in particular we are to be “done with them.”

Well as for me Barrack Hussein Obama the current POTUS is that person in my life that I would love to banish! When this person is silent he is considered wise and discerning; however, when he opens his mouth to speak, nothing but lie after lie, story after story, and ridiculous things that personally, I can’t stand.

And what have we been seeing more and more of this year? The hideousness of this action is that we can hear him speak, just about daily because Obama uses public entities to re-campaign. So I ask you: What have you heard that is absurd from this man?

Let’s just all bear the truth here shall we?

President Obama made a renewed call for a mass amnesty on Monday while speaking at the National Council of La Raza’s annual convention. President Obama told the crowd that he would continue to fight for amnesty, but he would need help since he was working with a Congress that is pro-enforcement.

“I will keep up this fight,” President Obama said. “We have a system that separates families, and punishes innocent young people for their parents’ actions by denying them the chance to earn an education or contribute to our economy or serve in our military.” Whew! He was really playing to the crowd on that statement.

Let’s just all bear the truth here shall we? All of this “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” business has been a concocted way to somehow skirt the law; perhaps the better analogy would be “…drive them crazy enough and they’ll change the laws already on the books…”

Which far be it from me that my friends, is precisely the problem. It simply needs to be recognized, flushed, and then it is time to make the subcommittee.
The original Immigration and Nationalization Act since 1790 is available for anyone’s viewing. Furthermore, and this point needs to be brought out and be made of special interest.

In a spritely way of leaving their mark on U.S. History or for some, let’s refer to it as their “legacy” it seems rather apparent that every president including Jefferson has selected the INS Act as their own personal contribution papers. And if one is not aware this great peeve of mine it is in the notion that legislators being the meticulous (almost anal retentive) individuals that they are don’t believe in using new pages of paper – therefore, they amend or add on to the existing Act.

Personally I find a huge problem with this insofar as that is precisely how Washington accounts for seven thousand page bills that have gone unread and are allegedly prepared for voting and signature. Examples of this were seen in the 2010 Healthcare Act.

What most folks don’t understand is that any changes made to that, or any other act, are simply amended in. Therefore, take a moment and think about the “what-if’s” that very well could and do happen every day. What if someone added some particular clause to the bill and then amended it. Making your mark on history? You betcha!
This is the reason why the Senate’s version of the DREAM Act has five different copies that are close to being the same bill. However, when voting time comes around, which one of the five Acts is really being voted on?

This kind of egregious legislating has got to stop now. How could anything get or be reformed when one doesn’t know what it is that they are working on? And this is my predisposition with Barack Obama. He indicates to the National Council of La Raza that he supports amnesty; however, unfortunately amnesty is not viable or even reasonable for 12 million illegal aliens.

In an extensive work-up I’ve been researching and producing is a list of the various bills, acts, and/or changes that have happened to less than one page of INS; I will post as under separate cover some of those findings. Thank you.

United Families for Same-sex Partners…

Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL), joined Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) to announce his unwavering support for allowing legal family-based immigration for same-sex couples as part of any comprehensive immigration reform plan that moves forward in Congress.

The leader in Congress of efforts to pass comprehensive immigration that reunites families and restores fairness and the rule of law to the system, Gutierrez is the lead sponsor of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009. Gutierrez, Quigley, and Polis were joined at a noon press conference in Chicago by leaders of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) community in Chicago, supporters of immigration reform, and same-sex binational couples who benefit from a law known as the Uniting American Families Act.

It seems as if the Congressman is trying to make good on his serious omission of LGBT families when he first introduced the bill, causing much anguish in the LGBT bi-national community, and now citing political expediency. While happy that he has come out in favor of what he had purposely excluded, I wonder if the basis is a political expediency that now suits his much lauded flip flop.

I don’t mind stating this insofar as the problems are only too obvious. There should be a bar on the writing or even, hearing, new legislation about any and all matters concerning immigration reform.

The Lord as my witness, notwithstanding everything else the most egregious handling of Immigration Control within the USA has been pestered, tortured, scuttled, demolished, and reduce to rubble by none other than those authorities who are supposed to be running it.

We’ve got federal judges legislating from the bench, and arguing with attorneys; speaking of, let’s not forget the bastion of undisciplined and unethical immigration lawyers who will hold up a simple hearing so their client can slip away.

As the effort to pass the DREAM Act hits its 10th anniversary, churches, synagogues and mosques around the country will devote a September weekend to teaching their congregations about the faith-based reasons to work for its passage.

Amnesty…or To Lazy to Deal with It..?

I really have been struggling with this notion for some time now. Yeah, I could sit here and type how messed up Barack Obama is regarding the most important issues we face as a nation, and his utter lack of either doing anything at all, or messing it up more. This is the one time I can say, this is my business!

I realize that this sounds calloused and I apologize; however, it would be a bigger problem if through his nonsensical antics with illegal aliens and amnesty really affected my life–like say, Mr. Illegal Alien got into a head on collision with one of my family and killed them.

Mega-problem! You see, America is becoming one big rationalization after another. So Barack Obama decides he’s above the law or somehow exempt from it and goes and continues to make one lousy decision after another. As he continues catering to special interest groups sure he’ll make history – bit is that the kind of history and legacy one wants to leave?

The People of the United States of America have spoken Mr. and Mrs. Senator; so please STOP amending that stupid excuse for an Immigration Bill. What is it with you already? Your bill writing is worse than your decision-making, if that’s possible.

Simply Arrogant and Ethically Challenged

We are not sure how the activities between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the White House could be construed as anything but collusive. After months of protesting some Democrat as well as Republican governors trying to figure out how and why the Obama administration is cancelling more than 40 agreements it has signed with states under the Secure Communities program, although the move will have no apparent impact on the controversial effort to identify and deport convicted felons.

“No agreement with the state is legally necessary for one part of the federal government to share it with another part. This change will have no effect on the operation of Secure Communities in your state,” read the letter, sent via email to the offices of over 40 governors Friday.

Under the program, the FBI automatically sends fingerprints from local law enforcement agencies to U.S. Immigration and Customs to check a suspect’s immigration status. The program is used in more than 1,400 jurisdictions, including the entire Southwest border area. However we have a question right about here.

As initially with the federal government’s case against the State of Arizona one major assumption kept getting far too in the way; the process of asking or making any inquiry predicated upon the citizenship of any suspect being detained. In addition, these remarks have been made with regards to the great State of Alabama as well. So then are we to assume that based on a federal agency having fingerprints of a potential suspect, then its okay to ask about their citizenship status?

But governors in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and several other states have expressed concern that the effort has ensnared minor offenders as well as more serious criminals, and has deterred some victims from coming forward to aid police. Several governors had announced their intention to withdraw from the agreements, and the cancellations do not address at least some of their concerns.

Homeland Security officials say the fingerprint-sharing program has been highly successful. Over the last three years, more than 77,000 immigrants convicted of crimes, including more than 28,000 convicted of offenses such as murder, rape and sexual abuse of children, were deported after they were identified through the Secure Communities program. This again prompts our question as to where are they now? Are these deported convicts still in the countries of origin, or as in so many cases have they returned “home” yet.

Why not use Common Sense & Logic?

Earlier today I was writing a piece for tomorrows lead piece at another site called aptly, Founding Fathers Quotes Fridays, when I came upon some of the most delightful writing and research I’ve been privy to in a long time. Well if we think about the Revolutionary Era in American history wouldn’t we always consider the founding documents? Sure we would! And for this particular article the focal point was rights. The divisions of rights, the categories of rights, and the differences between Natural, Human, and Inalienable Rights which always makes for good conversation either for Happy Hour or the Friday evening Cocktail Party. Or click up at the top for the continuation. Continue reading