Reform immigration and Visa Statutes

Reform immigration and Visa Statutes


The San Bernardino shooters — Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook — emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet each other for the first time, according to Malik’s immigration file, portions of which were released today by the House Judiciary Committee.

Given the overall amount of terroristic attacks in this nation, how long and when is our government going to do something about this constant and reckless disregard of factual information?

The House Judiciary Committee investigates whether Malik’s visa was issued improperly. Chairman Bob Goodlatte says immigration officials did not do enough to screen Malik’s application and alleges that the passport stamps on Malik’s Saudi visa don’t prove she and Farook were in Saudi Arabia at the same time.

Malik, who was from Pakistan but had lived in Saudi Arabia, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card, U.S. officials have said. Malik married Farook, an American of Pakistani descent, in August 2014 and the couple had a baby six months before the Dec. 2 massacre that killed 14. Both died in a shootout with police afterwards.

dhs sealJust revealing this little portion of the released documents and information that is well-known to a majority of Americans — this entire notion of Malik, came to the U.S. last summer on a “fiancé” visa and later obtained a Green Card. This has set up a series of red flags that cannot be ignored by the following agencies: Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (USCIS) always the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive Devices (ATF), there are far more agencies but what does it matter ($$) if a person can obtain these credentials so easily.

Allow me to ask a question: How many of us were aware of a “Fiancé” visa when the term itself leads one to believe that these people were not married!

Please be advised that this writer has written about the costs of Visa lotteries (giveaways), and to be completely within the law, partners of same-sex marriage people are lined up and ready to get their papers, the same with illegal aliens, and any refugee or asylum seekers the world over.

Please if anyone from the named agencies happen to be reading, let’s cut to the chase and make you folks as safe as possible.



When it comes to Immigration Reform…Hispanics should not believe Obama

Currently, the United States and Canada are the only developed nations that grant automatic citizenship to almost all children born within their borders, regardless of whether the parents are citizens, legal residents, temporary visitors, or illegal aliens in the country. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that eight percent of all U.S. births (350,000/year) come from at least one illegal-alien parent.

Legislation to end birthright citizenship was introduced earlier this year by Representative Steve King of Iowa. The Birthright Citizenship Act (H.R. 140), would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act – not the Constitution – to consider a person born in the United States “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States for citizenship at birth purposes if the person is born in the United States of parents, one of whom is: (1) a U.S. citizen or national; (2) a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or (3) an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

H.R. 140 was referred to the House Judiciary Committee on January 24, 2011

As Deportations Hit Record Highs, Latinos Oppose Obama’s Policy

By a ratio of more than two-to-one, Latinos disapprove of the way the Obama administration is handling deportations of unauthorized immigrants, according to a new national survey of Latino adults. The survey also reveals that heading into the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and the Democratic Party continue to enjoy strong support from Latino registered voters, despite a decline in Obama’s job approval rating.

As of March 2010, 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States, virtually unchanged from a year earlier, according to new estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. This stability in 2010 follows a two-year decline from the peak of 12 million in 2007 to 11.1 million in 2009 that was the first significant reversal in a two-decade pattern of growth.

The number of unauthorized immigrants in the nation’s workforce, 8 million in March 2010, also did not differ from the Pew Hispanic Center estimate for 2009. As with the population total, the number of unauthorized immigrants in the labor force had decreased in 2009 from its peak of 8.4 million in 2007. They made up 5.2% of the labor force in 2010. And if you are not confused by now, then re-read what who’s alleging. One cannot have record high deportation levels whilst the numbers are not changing.

The number of children born to at least one unauthorized-immigrant parent in 2009 was 350,000 and they made up 8% of all U.S. births, essentially the same as a year earlier. An analysis of the year of entry of unauthorized immigrants who became parents in 2009 indicates that 61% arrived in the U.S. before 2004, 30% arrived from 2004 to 2007, and 9% arrived from 2008 to 2010.

In contrast to the national trend, the number of unauthorized immigrants has grown in some West South Central states. From 2007 to 2010, there was a statistically significant increase in the combined unauthorized immigrant population of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The change was not statistically significant for these states individually, but it was for the combined three states. Texas has the second largest number of unauthorized immigrants, trailing only California.

Despite the recent decline and leveling off, the number of unauthorized immigrants living in the United States has tripled since 1990, when it was 3.5 million. The size of this population grew by a third since 2000, when was 8.4 million. It is reports such as these, showing that the illegal immigration problem in the U.S. is so far off the mark, Pew Research is Top Drawer, while the Obama Administration has done nothing and will continue to do nothing to resolve this issue.

Colonization v Immigration, not so pretty

Another thing that we are all going to have to get honest about is that America’s history of immigration is not entirely a pretty picture, that is, not something we should use as a precedent.

There is the fact, for example, that 1/3 of all the immigrants who came to America between the Revolution and 1965 went back. Whilst reasons remain to a degree unclear, one must consider the Great Depression, two major World Wars, as well as the notion of upward mobility.

Only the Irish and the Jews failed to return home in significant numbers. Given that people generally came to this country because of intolerable conditions in Europe, this implies that they found life here, whether in the teeming slums of New York or the freezing prairies of North Dakota, even worse.

There is also the fact that — how can one put this politely — there is a reason why even that arch-romanticize of immigration Emma Lazarus referred to immigrants as “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” in her famous poem. Thank you again for reading…and we hope you enjoyed it!

More later…


U.S. Colonization v Immigration

As previously mentioned the first great wave of settlement in what was to become the 13 Colonies was the Puritan wave of 1629-41. In the rest of the 13 Colonies, settlement came in waves followed by troughs: one peaking in the 1720’s, another in the early 1750’s, and another from the late 1760’s until the outbreak of the American Revolution, the pauses between them were due to wars in Europe.

Here is some population data from 1720: Boston 12,000; Philadelphia 10,000; New York 7,000; Charlestown 3,500; and finally Newport 2,800 for a total of 474, 388; interestingly only 8 percent were urban dwellers. 

After the revolution, there was a great lull in immigration for nearly 70 years — two whole generations — until the Irish started arriving in the 1840’s in flight from the potato famine. This makes sense: we were weeks away from Europe by an expensive, unpleasant, and dangerous sailing-ship voyage. There was no TV to broadcast the charms of America to the world, and nothing but hard work to do when immigrants got here.

After the Irish came Germans fleeing the failed revolution of 1848 and the general poverty and authoritarianism of Germany in this period. For the next 40 years, immigration surged and plunged as wave was followed by trough time and again. As the century wore on, the main source of immigrants moved from northern Europe to Southern and Eastern Europe.

Transportation became cheaper as railroads penetrated every corner of Europe and steamships grew in size, making the passage more available to the poor. Immigration became a well-organized corporate business. There were peaks in 1851-4, 1866-73, 1881-83, and 1905-7. Specific events, like the 1881 pogrom (genocide) in Russia or regional harvest failures, triggered waves of people who eventually subsided, at least until some fresh cause emerged.

My point here is that our heritage is not just immigration; it is also periods of little or no immigration. Whoever who would justify on historical grounds ceaseless mass immigration like we have had since 1965, is lying about history. (It is further noted that people who appeal to tradition to justify immigration are not particularly interested in conserving our other traditions, and that our tradition of immigration is actually a tradition of European immigration, to be quite factual about it.)

These pauses in immigration were key to the process of Americanizing the immigrants, or the wayward process of assimilation. Without them, as we may observe among Hispanics today, a continual flow of newcomers keeps immigrants poor and sucks them back into the culture from which they came. The Internet and Spanish-language TV only make things worse, as does the fact that Mexico is next door and has already sent 30 million immigrants. (Italy, for example, sent only 3 million total.) Thank you for reading…

More coming…

Has anyone looked to see what the ‘Originals’ thought

What next?

What next?

The American people continue to be involved in a long-overdue national discussion of immigration. And yet, during the debate over the immigration bill that recently died in the Senate, I do not recall hearing the views of the Founding Fathers — even if only out of curiosity — considered, pursued or even raised.
Contrary to what most Americans may believe, in fact, the Founding Fathers were by and large skeptical of immigration. If the United States lacked people with particular skills, then the Founders had no objection to attracting them from abroad. But they were convinced that mass immigration would bring social turmoil and political confusion in its wake. Does any of this sound remotely familiar?
 What was likely to happen, according to Thomas Jefferson, was that immigrants would come to America from countries that would have given them no experience living in a free society. They would bring with them the ideas and principles of the governments they left behind –ideas and principles that were often at odds with American liberty.
Hamilton was likewise unconvinced that diversity was a strength. The safety of a republic, according to him, depended “essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment, on a uniformity of principles and habits, on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice, and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education and family.”
He then drew out the implications of this point: “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”
This is precisely what the notion of ‘America: The Melting Pot’ means. There are a lot of people — especially in academia — who subscribe to the notion that America is really a ‘Tossed Salad’ allowing for each ingredient to be recognized as a part of the whole.
In all openness this is the far left’s version of celebrating diversity in what they refer to as the politically correct way. As for American Age we are still scratching our heads at the notion of changing precisely what America is; futhermore, what America was founded to be. Sure it is fine to celebrate diversity — we’ll go in for chips and salsa or Scotch rocks every day of the week. However, where these radical-nation-changing ideals originate are from those who also want open American borders, open immigration, and non-assimilation.
One should never try to effect change in a nation that is perhaps the best on Earth into what our Founders described brilliantly.


Special interest groups urge Obama to halt immigration police program

Law enforcement need to work together

Law enforcement need to work together

This is the first in a series of articles that addresses both legal and illegal immigration into this country. Inasmuch as the authors here at American Age have dutifully researched, studied, written exhaustively, and maintained a degree of responsibility when it comes to these matters. In other words, they are qualified to assess the past, current, and future immigration reform issues. 
As such, we at American Age feel it is incumbent upon us to get the word out about all matters concerning immigration reform. Therefore, in our steadfast heart of hearts, we believe beyond question that there are hundreds; if not thousands of special interest/advocacy groups that have already set in motion their own ‘version’ of what immigration reform will look like. And folks as far as we’re concerned we don’t like the looks of it; moreover, we dislike and disrespect the notion that terms and conditions of illegal immigration will be dictated to us.
From the Los Angeles Times:
500 groups urge Obama to halt immigration police program
A letter to the president says local enforcement of federal immigration laws has led to racial profiling and civil rights violations.
A coalition of advocacy groups sent a letter to President Obama last week demanding that the administration end a program that allows local police to enforce federal immigration law.
The program, known as 287(g), deputizes police to turn over suspects or criminals to immigration authorities for possible deportation. Immigrant rights groups said the program has led to civil rights violations and racial profiling.
“Racial profiling and other civil rights abuses by the local law enforcement agencies that have sought out 287(g) powers have compromised public safety, while doing nothing to solve the immigration crisis,” the letter states. “The program has worked counter to community policing goals by eroding the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities and diverted already reduced law enforcement resources from their core mission.”
Who, what, where, why, and how do these advocacy groups – who receive funding from the U.S. government – think they are insofar as demanding things? Moreover, in our humble opinion one of the greatest difficulties facing a uniform cross-agency program – involving local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies – is that there are restrictions that any one of these agencies can’t do in order to perform to the best of their abilities and with each other.
We say nonsense to this garbage! Furthermore, all of these special interest groups should be well-advised that there are consequences for their actions – if and only if we have the government that will enforce our Nation’s “Manner of Laws.” (Further reading click here.)



Pondering Illegal Immigration, part 1

Mexican, Argentine, USA flags and photos of Caesar Chavez

Mexican, Argentine, USA flags and photos of Caesar Chavez

We have been privy to so many media exploits albeit, from the blogosphere, main-stream media (MSM), drive-by media, (DBM) as well as conservative and liberal talk radio programs that we all should be gearing up for a ‘showdown’ on the one hand, or the duty, responsibility, and service of the U.S. government on the other for our impending illegal immigration problem in this country.

There are a couple of issues that were brought to our attention recently that we’d love to pass themHat-tip along and maybe generate some feedback or enlightenment. Up first — this is a response by an obviously responsible and conscientious person who renders a different perspective: (Hat-tip to the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration.)

        The attitude of Mexican-American (legals and illegals) is hostile toward non-Hispanics…called “Anglos” by Hispanics. They have broken our hospitals burdening emergency rooms and maternity wards, our public schools and take places in our universities that should go to American citizens (who are paying and parents have paid for).
        Many families, like mine took a decade on waitlist before legally emigrate from Europe, and never would even consider going on any social assistance. We all work hard, carry insurances, paid for our colleges, and pay our taxes. We never expected handouts as these people angrily do.
        Many go to university on all the taxpayers’ money while the American-born and legal immigrants pay their own way. Why should thousands of Mexicans be able to enter legally every day? Can’t the National Guard protect the country from this continuing practice? Our taxes are going to be sky-high (I predict over 50%) if this continues.

WOW! What a perspective — and how awesome it is to see this point of view — from someone who followed the proper procedures. This system and situation needs reform!

In fact, when our esteemed “elected officials” even utter the words ‘Immigration Reform’ that is precisely what they should focus on. Example: Why did it take her family and many other families ten years to receive approval? That needs reforming!

Another tidbit compliments of the US government: Why are we, as a Nation, so accommodating, empowering, and enabling those who knowingly and willingly break our laws? That needs reform!

When we discuss reform, let us not discuss ‘No borders,’ or ‘Amnesty for all;’ the United States is guilty of lying, cheating, stealing, and certainly accommodating the world’s rich and poor. Why and we say again, WHY should illegal aliens be able to attend our public institutions, draw on social welfare benefits, and literally take, take, and take all the while knowing that they’re here illegally? Go figure!

One huge catastrophic problem going on in our ‘representative democracy’ is that there isn’t anything ‘representative’ about it. Period! We’ve written and written about this Health Care Reform Package that those in Congress and the President want, however, flatly refuse to use what they mandate in any way. We believe that a great deal of this health care reform is politically motivated and all polls support us on this fact.

Ostensibly, the U.S. government is in place to protect the citizenry and legal residents of this country. Why is so much going to health care reform; moreover, immigration reform? Can you honestly say that your ‘elected officials’ in Washington DC are protecting you and your rights; or how about simply representing you?