Whew! I found this to be an Interesting Thought…

Whew! I found this to be an Interesting Thought…

68b3a361d9136bb4d1d858e85765e2289f754d89_jpg_cf“What, only Republican presidents get to nominate judges? Is that in the Constitution? I used to teach constitutional law. I’ve never seen that provision” —  President Barack Obama, in remarks given yesterday at a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in North Carolina.

But wait! There is more — President Obama went on to chide Republican senators for their stance on blocking all future Supreme Court nominations if Clinton wins the presidency, saying, “[T]he reason they said they wouldn’t have a hearing or vote for my Supreme Court nominee, bucking all of American history, was because, ‘We thought the American people should decide the next Supreme Court justice.’ Now they’re saying, ‘Well, if they don’t decide the way we want them to decide, maybe we won’t even do that.’ Eleven years ago, Richard Burr said a Supreme Court without nine justices would not work. Well, what changed?” Senator Burr recently vowed to keep any of Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees from being confirmed. 

However, I do think that Barack Hussein Obama, President, Nah, Cheerleader for Hillary Clinton and bonafide hater of Donald Trump. Upon hearing the bountiful mouth of Cheerleader Barack Obama in both North Carolina and Florida. I am positive that somewhere between Obama’s Justice Department and the Oval Office I’d face arrest charges even if it were telling the truth about this asinine clown.

“[T]he reason they said they wouldn’t have a hearing or vote for my Supreme Court nominee, bucking all of American history,” let’s be telling the truth here Mr. Cheerleader, the entire population of this great nation (with the exception of a few!) voted you in as the first African American president not once but twice pandering to your lies, misrepresentations, and utter bull squat.

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In a hurry!!

I’ll be right back in just a moment or two. You see I’m participating in a post-a-day and since WordPress is on London time I’ve got to publish this before the date changes on me…they are five hours ahead of where I am. Cheers!

I really want to share this one feature that I really enjoy, although I haven’t used it nearly as much as I’d like too. When one goes to publish their writing most of the time messages will come up that are inspiring and helpful. And the inspiring and very helpful ideas are those I wish to write about.

WordPress puts so many tips, ideas, plans, and the like for a person using their platform that I am hard pressed to understand why everyone writing here isn’t a very good writer. And while I’m thinking about it, there is a concentration of great writers here than any other site I’ve been too. Wondering why yet?

It’s in the suggestions of “Write a letter to yourself, express what’s happening and remember you’re going to revisit this letter in a year…” is just one of the selections that get the heart thumping. Furthermore, WordPress is dedicated to making sure that those who stay with their system will learn not only how to write, but all things necessary to plan, design, and implement a site of your choice. There are so many experts here that work for free and love doing it. Try them out. I did…now I’m just waiting for the Peabody people to get in touch with me. Cheers!!