Let’s just all bear the truth here shall we?

President Obama made a renewed call for a mass amnesty on Monday while speaking at the National Council of La Raza’s annual convention. President Obama told the crowd that he would continue to fight for amnesty, but he would need help since he was working with a Congress that is pro-enforcement.

“I will keep up this fight,” President Obama said. “We have a system that separates families, and punishes innocent young people for their parents’ actions by denying them the chance to earn an education or contribute to our economy or serve in our military.” Whew! He was really playing to the crowd on that statement.

Let’s just all bear the truth here shall we? All of this “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” business has been a concocted way to somehow skirt the law; perhaps the better analogy would be “…drive them crazy enough and they’ll change the laws already on the books…”

Which far be it from me that my friends, is precisely the problem. It simply needs to be recognized, flushed, and then it is time to make the subcommittee.
The original Immigration and Nationalization Act since 1790 is available for anyone’s viewing. Furthermore, and this point needs to be brought out and be made of special interest.

In a spritely way of leaving their mark on U.S. History or for some, let’s refer to it as their “legacy” it seems rather apparent that every president including Jefferson has selected the INS Act as their own personal contribution papers. And if one is not aware this great peeve of mine it is in the notion that legislators being the meticulous (almost anal retentive) individuals that they are don’t believe in using new pages of paper – therefore, they amend or add on to the existing Act.

Personally I find a huge problem with this insofar as that is precisely how Washington accounts for seven thousand page bills that have gone unread and are allegedly prepared for voting and signature. Examples of this were seen in the 2010 Healthcare Act.

What most folks don’t understand is that any changes made to that, or any other act, are simply amended in. Therefore, take a moment and think about the “what-if’s” that very well could and do happen every day. What if someone added some particular clause to the bill and then amended it. Making your mark on history? You betcha!
This is the reason why the Senate’s version of the DREAM Act has five different copies that are close to being the same bill. However, when voting time comes around, which one of the five Acts is really being voted on?

This kind of egregious legislating has got to stop now. How could anything get or be reformed when one doesn’t know what it is that they are working on? And this is my predisposition with Barack Obama. He indicates to the National Council of La Raza that he supports amnesty; however, unfortunately amnesty is not viable or even reasonable for 12 million illegal aliens.

In an extensive work-up I’ve been researching and producing is a list of the various bills, acts, and/or changes that have happened to less than one page of INS; I will post as under separate cover some of those findings. Thank you.