Kick It — Writing from a prompt using Idioms

soapboxAwe yes…the notion of kicking it. Just thinking aloud here for a moment, have you ever wondered how many topics have derived there meaning with the manipulation of these two words. Let’s have a go…shall we.

As far back as I am able to remember – Kick It – meant or had some connotation regarding death. Sure it was cliché to use it in such a way; however, as most of us have found out, death is not an easy discussion topic. Therefore, whenever the topic came up then the first words out were somewhere along the line of kicking it or kicking the bucket.

As long as we are on this particular topic – what we are doing is using English idioms – as our prompt for writing. As we all remember idioms are an expression whose meaning is different from thechiphi3ft meaning of the individual words. Interestingly idioms are native language specific where as idioms in English are for those that speak and understand English. The same procedure is for all known languages and that is that idioms are language specific.

However, this definition is just a bit like hitting the nail on its head. Recently I was asked what languages I speak. My first response was American-English, British-English, and Australian-English. Although there are vast similarities that tend to identify them as one language, have you ever stated something along the lines of, I was so pissed off to an Aussie or Brit. In American English slang getting pissed off means to get angry; however, to the Aussie or Brit is means being drunk. Although there is a degree of specificity within the language there will always be some exclusion.

Right then…as I started to get older I realized that although one may identify kicking it as an idiom, try and visit your local soccer club’s match on the weekend. Kicking it to someone engaged in soccer means precisely that…kick the ball.

Soon enough I reached an age where the simple phrase kick it meant to go out and rage! It’s even better used when one loudly states, “we’re kicking it tonight.”

Which as I am sure we have all found out during a time or two in our lives, sometimes we need to just kick back and do whatever it is that we consider relaxing, peaceful, and brings us satisfaction.



Its Oxymoron Time

Oxymoron Time

It is “Oxymoron Time”; this is one of the inspirations we use to get going albeit, most of the times when we don’t want to write about the news. Actually it is the condition of the news that we abhor.

On the one hand we have an incumbent person in office that has trampled and crushed everything he stated in order to gain control of the office. Oh we are only addressing things such as transparency, posting legislative proceedings on C-Span within 5 days of any vote, accountability to the American people for immigration reform, green energy, and to “restore America as the number one country in the world by traveling abroad.”

So what is an oxymoron? Briefly an oxymoron is basically an expression that contains two or more contradictory words for effect. For example using a phrase such as “wise fool” or “legal murder” is rather obvious. However another definition for oxymoron that makes it more complete and a bit more thorough.

Phrases or complete sentences expressed to show words with opposite meanings are used more and more now that folks are really beginning to abuse the English language albeit, for laughs or pure unethical change. Examples of these are “a bittersweet experience” really equates to an experience one has had that is both unpleasant and pleasant.

Now all in good fun mind you, here is an example of how we play “Oxymoron Time”. How is it that a person who has failed miserably even considers the notion of getting four more years to trample and go against the law of the land and make things even worse?

Here is a good one, using the notion of opposites within a sentence we ask how does a person promise publicly to overhaul the Immigration and Naturalization Service within his first year of office; subsequently, begins to issue Memorandums of Order to various departments chiefs so it would appear that he has had nothing to do with it? Barack Obama lied first to Latinos and Hispanics (to capture their vote) then continued the lie for three years into his presidency before he started his backdoor amnesty accommodations.

As far as transparency, accountability, and the use of C-Span to keep the American people in the loop, what actually happened was the most egregious oxymoron for that time. He had various senators and representatives voting on a health care bill before it were even printed!

And the one for all time sake – that should get him impeached or indicted – is this entire cover-up known as Benghazi-Gate. On one hand the President, the Secretary of State, and the Ambassador to the United Nations from the U.S. were all spinning this lie about a 14-minute tape that caused such an upheaval, when in fact, this was a pre-planned orchestrated terrorist insurrection over who was to receive weapons among the rebels in Syria.

And now the person is still telling the American people that he did mutter these two words from the Rose Garden one day after watching this armored attack on the U.S. Consulate, “terror attack.”

Ask a younger person who they are voting for and why…

I am not sure if there is anything that gets under my skin, and apparently, for those who work at American Age as much as ill-informed, people who are subject to misinformation and disinformation.

Today after seeing unauthorized charges on my end month statement for one of my credit cards I decided to contact the corporate offices of “Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe” to make inquires pursu

ant to why these charges were on my card – of all places.

Unfortunately for me the person who worked for customer service at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe who was to handle my claim – bless him because he was a nice person even though he tried his level best to screw
me, not on his own mind you, but predicated upon the company he works for he was in fact following their rules.

In brief this person told me that I had made authorized purchases from that company who sells pharmaceuticals over the counter alleged to enhance male sexual performance, add muscle tissue only, help with weight gain, all this and so much more by boosting testosterone levels in males.

WOW what a wonder drug I said! Then after assuring him that I had not made any such purchase, requisition, order, or otherwise (everything with the exception of submitting to DNA testing) the customer service representative, Red, said “Thank you very much is there anything else I can do for you?”

Talk about “Alice’s Restaurant” (famed anti-war folk song by Arlo Guthrie) I steadfastly in very proper English allow Red to know that I wanted immediate credit back into my credit card account for the amounts I had been billed. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, and yada later I was asking for his supervisor insofar as he refused my request to talk to him.

Imagine that…one calls Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe and is looking at being charged in excess of $200 with no intention of refunding funds they had no right to take in the first place and when Red said “No” to the supervisor request and I was still patient, forbearing, and kind. It was only after I asked for the general counsel’s telephone number and/or email address as well as his supervisor’s particulars to cc or bcc him what was going on did Red begin to see that I was not going to accept his no refund policy.

Oh the people we get to know…and you know what? Red asked me if I was watching Fox News. I informed him I wasn’t but was interested why he’d be asking such an impetuous question. Red states well, you sound like a republican, a conservative type, so I figured you’d be staring at the likes of Martha MacCallum or Megyn Kelly right about now.

Needless to say somehow the conversation got around to politics and as plainly as I could I explained to Red that I didn’t want to talk politics until my original matter was taken care of. OH! He says, well that’s been cleared up and you’ll receive the money back as a credit from us.

Red started out about my demeanor on the telephone – kind, understanding, meticulous, direct, and all those republican basics. Then he confessed that the exact reason was that I wasn’t taking no-deal as an answer insofar as they get to keep portions of the funding as the client leaves!

By this time this person wasn’t worth a minute more of my time. To wrap things up I explained to him to very much reconsider whom he’d be voting for insofar as his decision could affect my life. Red was a hotheaded, impulsive, hasty, and spontaneous type of person. So in his indignity he starts telling me how republicans always vote for the ones who want war and Romney was preparing to attack Russia. How do you feel about that? I simply mentioned Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and most recently the emails that had been discovered by investigation that Obama knew that our embassies were involved in terrorist activities within one hour of the original call for S.O.S.

He started with well I think it was George W. Bush who started…pardon me Red, but goodbye.

You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

In pursuit to my post of yesterday (or late last evening) I captured a few of the writing suggestions that are offered by WordPress at the end of each new post in an attempt to get a good start on your new post. Actually, I believe now that these suggestions are literally prepared by and offered by the WordPress writers, or in other words, us.

The three for today are # 1 and it is the title of this post; # 2 Share a fear that you’re working to overcome; and the third one is “What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?”

Therefore I’ve chosen to write that I am now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes. But first the reason why I chose this particular topic for an essay or article is that when I perused them originally I thought like a student. Do I want to be persuasive; do I want this to come out like a writing assignment or a debate piece?

Basically it boiled down to my love for fortune cookies outweighing my fear of something – to clinical, impersonal, and it would sound like either a journal or an Academic manual of sorts. Furthermore, writing about forms of exercise is also a stratified endeavor insofar as when thinking of muscle groups and how to work them –ah, I’m just not in the mood.

Therefore it is the non-fearing, over-exertion less fun writing about telling fortunes. So without any further adieu, a fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a “fortune” wrapped inside. A “fortune” is a piece of paper with words of wisdom or a vague prophecy written exclusively for the person who consumes the cookie.

Imagine that during one year approximately 4 billion fortune cookies will be will be consumed around the world.

However, a large percentage of that number will be consumed in the USA where according to legend, and the rumor mill, the fortune cookie was developed by the Japanese (approximently 2.75 billion). However during their unfortunate internment during World War Two, legend suggest that some rival Chinese immigrants brought the idea to America.

And oh how I love to inform folks who are downtrodden over a relationship break-up that: “The person of your dreams is still waiting;” or for those who are having a little financial difficulty, I love to let them know they’re about ready to come into some unexpected wealth. A lot of folks don’t understand that these morsels of unparalleled knowledge are interchangeable.

So let’s say you’re the one with money problems and the lady directly across from you is experiencing a cold and hard break-up. So her fortune is 5 randomly chosen numbers and yours is finding that girl of your dreams. So you decide to swap.

And Viola! The 5 random numbers you played in today’s lottery that came from the cookie she swappped for, have come in and you are $10,000,000 wealthier, whilst at the same time your newly found lady friend accompanies you for the night on the town in Sydney Australia for dinner in celebration of your fortune cookies!

In a hurry!!

I’ll be right back in just a moment or two. You see I’m participating in a post-a-day and since WordPress is on London time I’ve got to publish this before the date changes on me…they are five hours ahead of where I am. Cheers!

I really want to share this one feature that I really enjoy, although I haven’t used it nearly as much as I’d like too. When one goes to publish their writing most of the time messages will come up that are inspiring and helpful. And the inspiring and very helpful ideas are those I wish to write about.

WordPress puts so many tips, ideas, plans, and the like for a person using their platform that I am hard pressed to understand why everyone writing here isn’t a very good writer. And while I’m thinking about it, there is a concentration of great writers here than any other site I’ve been too. Wondering why yet?

It’s in the suggestions of “Write a letter to yourself, express what’s happening and remember you’re going to revisit this letter in a year…” is just one of the selections that get the heart thumping. Furthermore, WordPress is dedicated to making sure that those who stay with their system will learn not only how to write, but all things necessary to plan, design, and implement a site of your choice. There are so many experts here that work for free and love doing it. Try them out. I did…now I’m just waiting for the Peabody people to get in touch with me. Cheers!!



Okay…taking the challenge!

 I love to write. Therefore, I’ve decided that I need to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now. I will be posting on this blog once a day; primarily about those issues that really get under my skin; you know like our “…inactive federal government…” who seems to care less about the moral, ethical, and established cultural norms that have guided our nation since it all started.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you have already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way. Moreover, if you really like what I write about perhaps you will share it with your friends. Thanking you in advance and wishing you,

Kindest regards,

Jon-Paul Schilling, Esq.

(Your person behind the keys!)