Would or could someone tell me what a U.S. Senator does?


Would or could someone tell me what a U.S. Senator does?

 I believe, with extraordinary support, that the “chamber” in this nation we refer to as the Senate is a worthless group of people who have sold their bill of goods to someone who actually bought them.  So, please join in with me and assist me even more with what it is exactly that this “chamber” of people do for you, the nation, or for anything or anyone.

Trying to be as diligent as possible, yet at the same time wanting to be as gentle and straight forward as I can be, I will openly admit that I have been around a few years. I certainly am not saying that I am old – because I am not. If I look at the scriptures to come to a reasonable figure pursuant to my own age – I would say that I have acquired wisdom, and that feature is based on what I have learned, and by far the most important ingredient that unites the three-fold accumulation of age – scripturally – is found in the ability to discern the understanding.

And this notion or idea my friends is where the obstacle or obstruction gave that “chamber” that is so coveted in our nation. Frankly, I believed the entire process of becoming the U.S. sitting Senator, is literally an amount of bull squat that one promises and hopes to accomplish. I certainly do not want to think that I live in this kind of a mess, but the reality is, that I do.

My own personal belief is that the selling process (for the vote), in order to become a senator, lies with the relationship that a person has with their local government. This is where the most fundamental promise can be dreamt up and delivered to an ever-so-hungry person. Special favors as in cash and other sundries along with pork or money can be made for the promise of bridge building, road maintenance, and other amenities delivered to the community. I firmly believe that promises within the failing educational system are made. Therefore, as it may be if a senator is able to siphon off enough funding for in and around “their” constituency, well, far more the better.

Moreover, now let’s address the big-time office space that holds the lobbyists and special interest groups. Not many people are privy to the notion that the National Council of La Raza, the largest group of individuals pushing for Immigration Reform like the normal person asks for salvation. Most people do not know that La Raza receives funding from the U.S. government for alleging to assist immigrants. Notice, that I say immigrants and not illegal immigrants! First by their filing with the IRS having to do with a not for profit status entity, as well as petitioning the government for more funding pursuant to what they allege that their organization does.

Now then, what do you suppose a U.S. Senator or House Representative receives if they are successful in fundraising (sort of off the books) for a special interest group? Hum.

Now what has gotten me to a spill the beans attitude nowadays is this, how does an organization with an 8 percent approval rating even get invited to dinner by the organization?  Now I openly share with you that I personally have been promised a wall to assist our border patrol for in excess of 20 years to keep it in reality – basically since 1996. And although I have paid my fair share for that wall, it still isn’t there. Facial recognition apparatus? Another unfulfilled promise. These U.S. “Senators” have waffled back and forth on integrating the E-Verify program, as well as the community assistance between local law enforcement with federal agency back-up, support, and assistance referred to as Section 287g federal assistance.

Take the fundamental learning of what has not been done that was supposed to, Section 287g, E-Verify programs, biological recognition programs, ending rather than accumulating more visas, and simply understanding that this is entirely a close held joking secret that their make untold scores of money on, and just let your wisdom run with this one gang – we are being taken by an eight percent approval rating group of misfits with fat double chins and hanging joules making their insider trading money and on, and on, ad nauseam.

Arden V


“Run along now”…(in herd fashion)

Why is it that when it comes to politics it doesn’t matter that when a person simply tells bold-face lies, serious lies, that no punitive action occurs? One would think that being at the top of the pecking order, so to speak, a congressperson, senator, vice-president, or president of the United States shouldn’t lie…

Oops my bad!! They don’t lie, politicians misspeak. For the life of me I am at total odds with the notion that these ‘leaders’ lie, cheat, steal, and lead lives of total de-synchronicity and people just trove along in herd fashion and think nothing of it.

Furthermore, it angers me when as I listen to radio, or television and see the amounts of people who are so out of it, that is, people who don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them. It is very much like someone is drugging the water! They walk around like Zombies oblivious to everything around them.

And then the finality of people who could care less about who lies because “everybody does”; this is the attitude of people that want that sticker, the validation of their existence in America, the sticker that says, “I Voted.” (Yes, but for what or whom?)

When I ask people who they intend on voting for; furthermore, when I query them on the ‘why’ are you voting for him the answers range from “we need change,”… imagine this statement ‘it’ll make history with a black President’… or this statement, “…because I like his Vice-President.” What kind of answers are these? Moreover, how disgusting that a populace would carry on like sheep to the slaughter.

And yes! It is your fault–Mr. and Mrs. Public–it is your fault for allowing people to get away with this mortgage crisis; stop blaming the Bush Administration, Lehman Bros., AIG, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch, and Washington Mutual, in fact, every one except yourselves. Have you ever thought that the people who most want something shady are probably those people who are involved in the shadiness?

This kind of finger-pointing game that’s been going on reminds me of Barack Obama. Why? I’ll paraphrase here: “…he did it, she did it, they did it, the Republicans did it, Bush’s failed economic policy did it, in fact, everyone but ME did it.”

You’ve got a voice–use it. I am positive that there is some semblance of a “Town Hall” community platform where you live and if not, heaven knows you’ll get more money than you can possibly use from the U.S. Government to build one–now more than ever.

In a nutshell folks, here it is…the future of our country is being governed by the most dishonest people around and you stand for it. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re definitely part of the pollution!

Oops, just one more thing: Democrats start taking some attribution (blame) in America’s latest fiasco crisis, we all know that this happened on your watch; moreover, it has continued until the American people don’t really care if the country goes belly up or not.