Anyone affiliated with WordPress as a company…

Dear Ut-hum, Sirs, and Madams:


Hello, my name is Paul Schilling ESQ., and like it or not, this letter is not going to serve you well. Please just read it before you put in your hasty and rather ugly comments.

I have been with WordPress for approximately ten years now. Yeah, I remember the days when putting together a blog was as easy as Mom’s apple pie. Even back then, when I enquired a problem, most of the time I could figure it out and run-on quite easily. And oh yes! I can clearly remember the time when all of the “honcho’s” at WordPress were humble, hardworking folks – I’m guessing this was before you made it to the wealthier side of people. Better yet, it was like each one of you still cared about the author who was not the IT.  professional.

Oh well, things have indeed changed for you, eh? WordPress has become to me one of the more frightening episodes that I endeavor each day. Not quite like the old days of blogging whilst working on one’s writing skills, just preparing to produce that best-seller that was well within my grasp. Oh! How times and sites have changed! CLOUD finger-illusions

I have entered the realm of being so scared of trying to produce here that I am about to call it quits. Seriously now gang, nowadays it is waiting and a little more waiting just to see my own domain to appear. No! It is not my cache! I had that cleaned before going out and purchasing a brand-new system. However, it is a number of program changes, downloading my own blog’s C++, and worse still, having a monumental problem without the heads up for a new change in the system. Does one need to be a certified professional these days to put together less than four hundred words anymore?

Maybe not to you, who, I’d love to add, is in the business of providing platforms for the general public to use. Notwithstanding mind you, the two years of paying in advance for the unmitigated non-use of a video program. And hitting me for $99,00 per year to customize this thing? C’mon gang, customize is your wording, not mine. You see I am the type of guy who entertains and tries to make meaning visually and with words.

However, sorting out the code I’d like to use in order to put my own images into widgets has just about driven me to “Maybe you’d like to try…” what for Christ’s sake? I keep getting this message without any directions on how to find the locale of the place to find how to do it. Although, I have had voluminous amounts of time reading, “Preparing your request” in the tiny small boxes at the foot of the page that incidentally covers the WP Admin button that once gained access to between the fight between being covered by some message and wondering where this time WP is going to lead me. 

Just a couple more things and I’ll be done, thank you very much. One, I bought the access code from “” to put in at the very least a map to show who and from where my readers were coming from. Within days, literally, gone was my map. I still do not trust the numbers from WP! Oh, they are still spinning trying to load over at my main site, The Contemplative Two, same with the widget I am unsuccessfully trying to add, called The Way It Should be… on my site, that deals with “Sanctuary Cities.”



Seriously, gang, I am exhausted now trying to work out how to work your once honorable site. I will take a little credit for the likes of several “Captains” in their industry for coming over to WP. Yeah, I have answered the call for you, rather than waiting in and for the unsightliest support aspect site are I could ever hope to partake of…and to think you blokes have the bux.

That will be it for now, or until I make a complete ass out of myself allowing you to know the particulars.



You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

In pursuit to my post of yesterday (or late last evening) I captured a few of the writing suggestions that are offered by WordPress at the end of each new post in an attempt to get a good start on your new post. Actually, I believe now that these suggestions are literally prepared by and offered by the WordPress writers, or in other words, us.

The three for today are # 1 and it is the title of this post; # 2 Share a fear that you’re working to overcome; and the third one is “What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?”

Therefore I’ve chosen to write that I am now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes. But first the reason why I chose this particular topic for an essay or article is that when I perused them originally I thought like a student. Do I want to be persuasive; do I want this to come out like a writing assignment or a debate piece?

Basically it boiled down to my love for fortune cookies outweighing my fear of something – to clinical, impersonal, and it would sound like either a journal or an Academic manual of sorts. Furthermore, writing about forms of exercise is also a stratified endeavor insofar as when thinking of muscle groups and how to work them –ah, I’m just not in the mood.

Therefore it is the non-fearing, over-exertion less fun writing about telling fortunes. So without any further adieu, a fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a “fortune” wrapped inside. A “fortune” is a piece of paper with words of wisdom or a vague prophecy written exclusively for the person who consumes the cookie.

Imagine that during one year approximately 4 billion fortune cookies will be will be consumed around the world.

However, a large percentage of that number will be consumed in the USA where according to legend, and the rumor mill, the fortune cookie was developed by the Japanese (approximently 2.75 billion). However during their unfortunate internment during World War Two, legend suggest that some rival Chinese immigrants brought the idea to America.

And oh how I love to inform folks who are downtrodden over a relationship break-up that: “The person of your dreams is still waiting;” or for those who are having a little financial difficulty, I love to let them know they’re about ready to come into some unexpected wealth. A lot of folks don’t understand that these morsels of unparalleled knowledge are interchangeable.

So let’s say you’re the one with money problems and the lady directly across from you is experiencing a cold and hard break-up. So her fortune is 5 randomly chosen numbers and yours is finding that girl of your dreams. So you decide to swap.

And Viola! The 5 random numbers you played in today’s lottery that came from the cookie she swappped for, have come in and you are $10,000,000 wealthier, whilst at the same time your newly found lady friend accompanies you for the night on the town in Sydney Australia for dinner in celebration of your fortune cookies!

Source..the Blogosphere!

Blogosphere, unbiased and real

Blogosphere, unbiased and real

Just got done watching one of the more level-headed people in the news-commentary business where one of the big issues was that as much positive press as this Health Care plan is getting, why the America people so vehemently against it.

Realistically now – If ABC, NBC, CBS, New York and Los Angeles Times as well as MSMBC and CNN are constantly putting a positive spin on President Obama’s ridiculous Health Care plan how could it be that a little more than 70 percent (70%) of Americans are flatly against it?

Another great bit of statistical data has been finally revealed – 90 percent of Americans are already insured; of that 90% eighty percent (80%) are quite happy with the Health Care they already have; therefore, these pundits were wondering how and why the American people could be so entrenched about this initiative albeit all they are hearing is positive and great things about it.

We are without reserve when state that Americans may not be the smartest bulbs in the light socket; yet, one has to admit that they are well-informed. So how could this be? Experts say that Americans watch television approximately 4 hour-per-day; furthermore, experts also state that the level of programming is something to be desired. One is left quizzically at odds with the reason of how can one hear greatness, yet oppose it so steadfastly?

We are the first to admit that we were indeed a little bummed out that these talking heads didn’t get it – or if they did, they sure didn’t mention anything about it. We believe that Americans are in fact aware of some realities, namely:

  • The blogosphere baby! Every person in radio, print, television, and Internet news reporting has made comments about how ‘everyone and their dog’ has a blog.’ We believe that’s a good thing.
  • People are now writing more; reading more, and looking for data that supports the rubbish they’re hearing from Capitol Hill.
  • We believe that the American public is putting their technologies to work and in a good, informative way.

Our only disappointment was that these level-headed pundits did not mention the blogosphere! We are of the opinion that an educated or informed society is far more productive and creative than those societies who are not. How has the Internet Blogosphere enhanced or hindered your life?

As most of any one reading this article knows – the little sidebar box called the ‘Blogroll’ are instant links to various websites and blogs that are concerned just about by everything. Seriously now, give a click on Michelle Malkin or Stand Up for America these sites alone offer plain easy-to-read minutia about all the current issues.

More, much more, later…


Teaching to the Test!

Someone, anyone, whoever…please explain to me why it is wrong to teach to a test. Realizing of course, that one would be hard-pressed to find any sample of ten people who really knew what has become the cliche of the decade actually means. Do you?

An ordinary jaunt to the grocery store for a few items and I happen upon a conversation between three adult ‘scanners’ talking about ‘teaching to the test.’ Moreover, they were griping about how their children were not being taught English, reading, or arithmatic like they did in the ‘old days.’


I found this article just a few days ago in the Christian Science Monitor and I thought what a great way to show folks a concept, albeit, through the words and perceptions of a different educator and writer. Along the way I have contributed various and sundry points of emphasis; however for the larger whole, credit and hat-tip to Walt Gardner.


“If we’re being honest, teaching to the test is done by almost all other effective teachers. In fact, I did so – along with many other an effective educator way before teachers were evaluated on the basis of their students’ ability to perform on the standardized tests that now constitute the sine qua non of accountability.”

Why? Because it is eminently sound pedagogy. Believe it or not there does exist a manner in which human beings learn. A good and well-educated teacher knows about the Dimensions of Learning; furthermore, professional educators know the difference between presenting information and how to present that information to inspire critical thinking and learning.

There is a distinct difference between teaching to the broad body of skills and knowledge that a test represents (good), and teaching to the exact items that will appear on the standardized test (indefensible and illegal). Teaching students how to answer a particular set of items that appears on a test shortchanges them ethically and educationally. The confusing part arises when we fail to make that distinction.

This is a must read! Please click here X.