Why not use Common Sense & Logic?

During the process of driver’s licenses I concluded a paragraph by stating that the one thing that cannot be done is asking the applicant their resident and/or their citizenship status; (If you ask me, you should also have to prove you are a U.S. citizen or legal resident. But, that’s another subject) and I ended with that expression. But for this offering…

This all sounds good until we find out that Mr. & Mrs. Spock are not legally allowed to be in the country, can’t speak a word of English therefore how are they supposed to take a written test and proof of language understanding so that in turn we know they are able to read street signs, hazmat signs, and have proof of insurance?

As far as we’re concerned this is the most egregious problem that exists in the United States right now. Racial profiling? Bull squat! This is one particular area which our current government has dropped the ball. And just incidentally the reason being that we are unable to question them anything regarding their citizenship status, this is the precise stipulation as to why Barack Obama says “And with the new healthcare legislation, I can guarantee you that nobody in this country without proper permission will not have access to healthcare.”

Everyone hear it? “You lie!” exclaimed Joe Wilson from his seat. I guess no one has ever gotten indignant when the POTUS is having a press conference; nope, it was  a State of the Union address, it was again Obama’s way of getting unrestricted television time for nothing.

We wrote about Mr. Wilson and why was Nancy Pelosi making such a drama out of it. If there is anything that the American people are learning is – Barack Obama is not a God; not a Savior; and above all the guy is prone to making mistakes and blaming everyone but himself.

Therefore we decided for this evenings post we’d like to share with you some of what other people have to say:

The most clueless man ever to be POTUS. Taking another long vacation while many American Families cannot even afford a back yard cook out is just plain foolery. This man is full of empty words. Just ONCE would love to hear him say “In the midst of how bad things are, I am going to stay in DC and buckle down on a real plan to help Americans get back to work.” Nope off on this Road To Nowhere Bus tour, then off to the beach. He is fixated on raising taxes on the rich. That will cure nothing but to make the government even bigger and more useless while creating ZERO new jobs and actually killing even more jobs. 16 months until he goes on a permanent vacation…Mr. Smith

Today I read where the US Marines Air Division is bigger than the entire British Air Force. The reason is that Britain can’t afford a larger force… their problem is their government is too big. Socialism is draining their coffers and their national identity to say nothing of the rioting. Our President wants the same insanity for this country! Just look at his czars. Solid leftists. Oh I’m sorry… we are not supposed notice the cliff we are headed toward, but we are supposed be excited by his big black bus!..Mr. It’s Coming

Any questions?


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